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Somebody Else’s Problem

Consumerism, Sustainability and Design

By Robert Crocker Published November 2016

Somebody Else’s Problem calls for a radical change in how we design, make and use the products and services we need. Crocker challenges us to look at the systems we take for granted in daily life, and their cumulative role in our environmental crisis.

Gender Equality and Responsible Business

Expanding CSR Horizons

Edited by Kate Grosser, Lauren McCarthy and Maureen A. Kilgour Published October 2016

This illuminating book draws together voices from business, academia and civil society to focus on gender equality and its impacts not just in the boardroom, but the wider gender impacts of business in the marketplace – among suppliers, supply chains, communities, the environment and throughout corporate value chains. 

Companies that Mimic Life

Leaders of the Emerging Corporate Renaissance

By Joseph H. Bragdon Published October 2016

Industrial capitalism is broken. This book tells how transformation is taking root in the corporate world. It tells the stories of seven exceptional companies that have out-performed their competitors. Instead of modeling themselves on the assumed efficiency of machines – a thought process that emerged during the industrial age – these firms model themselves on living systems.


How to Bring Values to Life in Your Business

By Ed Mayo Published October 2016

There is no one right or wrong set of values, but there is power and potential in making the most of the right values for your business. Ed Mayo, Secretary General at Co-operatives UK, presents how they can become a natural part of commercial life. With a range of case studies, this book offers practical approaches to make a success of values.