Responsible finance and economics

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The Chief Value Officer

Accountants Can Save the Planet

This book firmly places the accountant in the position of changemaker. It encapsulates the essential reasons for adopting integrated reporting, explains its application and proposes the next steps of developing the role of Chief Finance Officer to Chief Value Officer.

Contemporary Environmental Accounting

Issues, Concepts and Practice

This work has been written in order to provide an up-to-date textbook in the rapidly developing field of environmental accounting. The book is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students and their teachers, professional accountants, and corporate and organizational managers.

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Dilemmas in Responsible Investment

This book examines the daily problems of responsible investment practitioners. It emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions as well as getting the right answers; and of process as well as product. It raises questions about the very purpose of investment and the responsibilities of investors, both economic and societal.

From Walmart to Al Qaeda

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Globalization

The book uses an interdisciplinary approach to address the complex question of globalization. The interrelationship between political theory, economics, anthropology, history, moral philosophy, business management and finance are used to explain the vision. 

Positive Finance

A Toolkit for Responsible Transformation

We have to re-envision the allocation of capital in order to support social and technological innovations, to design and build sustainable infrastructure, and to finance the energy transition. Reinvented, finance could become a powerful lever for setting these transformations in motion. This book is a toolkit for putting money to work in the general interest. 

Principles and Practice of Impact Investing

A Catalytic Revolution

Responsible Investment

Explores the practicalities of implementing responsible investment strategies; the outcomes that have been achieved; the practical issues and barriers faced; and the challenges to be faced if responsible investment is to become a mainstream investment approach. This book is for those involved in the field of environmentally responsible investment.

The Responsible Investor Handbook

Mobilizing Workers' Capital for a Sustainable World

This is the first book to align the investment priorities of working people with capital stewards and the financial complex that manages their assets. It is essential for capital stewards seeking the positive outcomes of a responsible investment strategy and investors looking to realign their strategies with the interests of workers and citizens.

The Short Guide to Sustainable Investing

The Short Guide to Sustainable Investing showcases funds and strategies that are delivering outperformance and offers a practical guide to constructing a sustainable portfolio.

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Stop the Rot

Reframing Governance for Directors and Politicians

This book continues and widens the debate generated by Garratt’s long-selling success, The Fish Rots from the Head. It suggests, at the corporate and national level, how our concepts of leadership and governance can be reframed, developed and improved. 

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Sustainable Banking

The Greening of Finance

Given the intermediary role banks play within economies, their potential contribution toward sustainable development is enormous. This book has been produced in order to present global perspectives and case studies on the financial services sector and how it is responding to this challenge.

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Sustainable Banking: The Greening of Finance

A special themed issue of Greener Management International (Issue 27)

Presents global perspectives and case studies on the financial services sector which evaluate progress and suggest tools that may be useful in improving performance towards the end-goal of sustainable banking .


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