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From Me to We
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From Me to We

The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life 

Bob Doppelt
March 2012   176+x pp   234 x 156 mm  
paperback   ISBN 978-1-906093-71-6   £16.95  

Alternative formats: eBook (ePub)   eBook (PDF)

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"This is a thoughtful, timely and hugely significant contribution to today’s all-important politics of transformation." - Jonathon Porritt

Preview samples    Introduction


Six cost-effective changes for better sustainability, Bob Doppelt in Sustainable Business Oregon, 10 July 2012

Disappointment of Bonn Negotiations Underscores Urgent Need for Shift "From Me to We", Bob Doppelt on CSRwire Talkback, 3 July 2012

5 Commitments To Become Part Of A Solution To The World’s Problems, Bob Doppelt’s piece for Fast Company

Business leaders need systemic thinking for sustainability, an article by Bob Doppelt for The Guardian

From Me to We: The Transformation Required for Sustainability, Bob Doppelt on YouTube

In From Me to We: The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life, systems change expert Bob Doppelt reveals that most people today live a dream world, controlled by false perceptions and beliefs. The most deeply held illusion is that all organisms on Earth, including each of us, exist as independent entities. At the most fundamental level, the change needed to overcome our misperceptions is a shift from focusing only on “me” – our personal needs and wants – to also prioritizing the broader “we”: the many ecological and social relationships each of us are part of, those that make life possible and worthwhile. Research shows that by using the techniques described in this book this shift is possible – and not that difficult to achieve.

From Me to We offers five transformational “commitments” that can help you change your perspective and engage in activities that will help resolve today’s environmental and social problems. Not coincidentally, making these commitments can improve the quality of your life as well.

Bob Doppelt’s latest book is a wake-up call to the creed of individualism. He calls for recognition of the laws of interdependence, cause and effect, moral justice, trusteeship, and free will. The book will be essential to all of those interested in how we can create and stimulate a sea change in how to enable the necessary behavioral change we need to deal with the myriad environmental and social pressures consuming the planet.


Working in the sustainability field can be really tough. The information that comes across my desk is often difficult to process – the effects our actions are having on oceans, forests, waterways, and species are daunting. But at the same time, there are always glimmers of hope, spurred by human innovation, passion and creativity. One such hopeful moment happened for me last week when I attended Bob Doppelt’s Speaker Series presentation at the Alliance Center based on his newest book, From Me to We.

Sitting in our 3rd floor conference room, listening to Bob, I had the feeling that a real and substantive cultural transformation is not only possible but probable. I was inspired, guided by Bob’s clear and simple message linking back to five principles that he calls “The Natural Laws of Sustainability” and that I call unequivocal facts!
Anna Zawisza, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado Full article


There’s a lot of unease and anger around at the moment at the state of our economies. “The System” is clearly not working, and the debate about alternatives to today’s model of unsustainable capitalism is an increasingly lively one. But From Me To We invites us to dig a little deeper into why it is that the system isn’t working, to interrogate the faulty philosophical “software” on which that system operates. Only then can we develop appropriate “rules” to guide the behaviour of both individuals and organisations in taking forward those alternatives. This is a thoughtful, timely and hugely significant contribution to today’s all-important politics of transformation.
Jonathon Porritt, Chancellor of Keele University, UK; Founder, Director and Trustee, Forum for the Future UK; author, Capitalism: As if the World Matters


Every business today needs a simple framework to guide their efforts to enhance their social, economic and environmental performance. The five transformative commitments described by Bob Doppelt in his engaging new book provide a much-needed and compelling set of first-order principles that can guide every organisation toward true sustainability.
Hunter Lovins, president, Natural Capitalism Solutions; author of Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change, Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution and The Natural Advantage of Nations


I have given hundreds of Gore-inspired climate change slide shows, and I am always struck how each individual wonders how their individual actions can affect such a large, global problem. Doppelt’s book effectively connects individual change and action to the global solution. Indeed, individual action and change must happen before the climate crisis can be solved globally.
Bill Bradbury, Former Oregon Secretary of State; Commissioner, Northwest Power and Conservation Planning Council


High time we broke free from the I-dolatry of the high consumer era, and started thinking about the community. This book points a way down that path.
Bill McKibben, author of  Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet


Bob has a knack for simplifying complexities. I use his three-step “borrow–use–return” business model as the epitome of a sustainable enterprise. I use his seven organisational blunders as a foil to sustainable governance. In this book he goes deeper. His five commitments reframe prerequisite personal and organisational mind-sets for a sustainable environment, society and economy. Without them, sustainable business models and governance don’t work. An inside-out approach to change is profound. Bob quick-starts our journey by shortlisting the proven, essential five commitments. As he concludes, the action stage is up to us.
Bob Willard, author of The Sustainability Advantage


In Bob Doppelt’s new book he eloquently charges us to take the moral responsibility to join together, to use the power of “we”, to address the climate crisis we face. And he tells us how to get there, and how to do it right now.
Kitty Piercy, Mayor, City of Eugene; Former Minority Leader of the House of Representatives


Bob Doppelt brings welcome clarity and insight to the sustainable development debate. He reminds us that, if we want to change society, morals and culture matter. In a refreshing narrative, From Me to We shines the light of history, science and spirituality on the challenge of systems change. With Doppelt’s five commitments we now have a compass with which to navigate towards a more sustainable future.
Dr Wayne Visser, author of The World Guide to CSR and The Age of Responsibility; CEO, CSR International & Kaleidoscope Futures; Senior Associate, Cambridge University (Cambridge); Prof in Sustainability, Magna Carta College (Oxford)


In From Me To We, Bob Doppelt identifies five commitments needed to transform the human race into a truly global society capable of avoiding the social and environmental catastrophes speeding our way. Given that some world’s most threatening problems such as climate change will not be solved unless governments and individuals act in accordance with their global ethical responsibilities, this book makes an important contribution to our most civilization-challenging problems.
Donald A. Brown, Associate Professor of Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law, Penn State University; Program Director of the Collaborative Program on the Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change; author, American Heat: Ethical Problems with the US Response to Global Warming


Bob Doppelt’s thorough and accessible From Me to We: The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life explains how the urgent crises of climate and sustainability can only be resolved by changing how we think about ourselves and the world around us. To prevent our current trajectory leading to chaotic climatic turbulence and profound societal breakdown and hardship, we have the next decade in which to shift from an individualist (Me) to an interdependent (We) way of thinking and acting. Doppelt argues that this shift is possible, describes the five commitments we need to make, and shows how the shift from Me to We is not only critical for a sustainable way of life, but also good for our brain functioning and well-being. He also explains why many of us tend to struggle to make changes for greater sustainability. This book is a valuable resource for individuals, communities and organisations serious about preserving and sustaining life on our Earth. 
Luisa M. Saffiotti, PhD, President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, USA


This item available in PDF format for free download     Download

1. “Me” to “We” throughout history

2. The first commitment: See the systems you are part of

3. The second commitment: Be accountable for all the consequences of your actions

4. The third commitment: Abide by society’s most deeply held universal principles of morality and justice

5. The fourth commitment: Acknowledge your trustee obligations and take responsibility for the continuation of all life

6. The fifth commitment: Choose your own destiny

7. Conclusion: It is up to you

Bob Doppelt is Executive Director of The Resource Innovation Group, a sustainability and climate change education, research, and technical assistance organization affiliated with the Center for Sustainable Communities at Willamette University, where he is also a Senior Fellow. ( He is also an adjunct instructor in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management at the University of Oregon. From 2002–2010 he directed Resource Innovations and the Climate Leadership Initiative in the Institute for a Sustainable Environment at the University of Oregon. His training and expertise is in counseling psychology and ecosystem science. Bob is the author of The Power of Sustainable Thinking: How To Create a Positive Future for the Climate, The Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life (Earthscan Publishing, 2008), which in 2011 was ranked as one of the 10 best books on climate change by Audubon Magazine. He is also the author of Leading Change toward Sustainability: A Change Management Guide for Business, Government and Civil Society (Greenleaf Publishing, 2003, 2010), which just six months after publication was ranked as one of the ten best publications on sustainability by a GlobeScan survey of international sustainability experts.