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The New Rules of Green Marketing
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The New Rules of Green Marketing

Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding 

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
November 2010   252+xx pp   229 x152 mm  
paperback   ISBN 978-1-906093-44-0   £16.95  

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“Ottman’s book is the green marketing bible – and a must-read for every businessperson who wants to succeed in this new age of sustainability.” – Peter Senge

Hurrah for this book showing how going green pays off in delivering a triple bottom line – profits, people, and planet.” – Philip Kotler

Green consumers are now mainstream. In her best work yet, Jacquelyn Ottman applies over 20 years of green marketing lessons, demonstrating how sustainable brands tackle the challenges of this expanding global opportunity, and how and why the best succeed.

North American customers: order from Berrett-Koehler Publishers .

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What are The 20 New Rules of Green Marketing?

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For too long, marketers of sustainable goods and services have targeted “deep green” consumers to promote their products — and they have little to show for their efforts. In this innovative book, Jacquelyn Ottman shows how the green market has moved beyond such niche marketing, and how marketers will find greater success promoting the inherent superior value of their offerings.

Greener products are now available within every industry and are a part of our everyday lives. But they didn’t get to be so ubiquitous just because they are better for the planet. Whether they were promoted as such or not, sales of green products have grown so fast because of the added value they provide: health, superior performance, good taste, cost-effectiveness, or simply convenience. This central emphasis on primary benefits — the new rules —  is critical to winning over the mainstream consumer and to driving overall organizational growth.

The New Rules of Green Marketing helps readers understand why value-based sustainability marketing has become a critical organizational capacity, and how readers can adopt this approach in their own organizations. Illustrated by examples from both international mainstream and the more niche “deep green” leaders who are showing everyone else the way, the book provides practical strategies, tools and inspiration for building every aspect of a credible value-based green marketing strategy, including:

  • How to use a proactive approach to sustainability to spur innovation
  • How to frame environment-related benefits with relevance to mainstream brands
  • How to communicate with credibility and impact — and avoid "greenwashing"
  • How to team up with stakeholders to maximize outreach to consumers
  • How to use a life cycle orientation to ensure the integrity of one's offerings
  • How to best take advantage of recent technological advances in social media

Drawing on the latest data from leading researchers and reflecting on learnings from Ottman's corporate clients and other pioneers including GE, Nike, HSBC, Method, Starbucks, Timberland, HP, NatureWorks, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Stonyfield Farm and Wal-Mart, this book shows how market leaders are edging out the competition using effective value-first marketing strategies.

This book captures the best of the author’s previous groundbreaking books on green marketing and takes the content into the 21st century. Whereas earlier works focused on readers who were less familiar with green initiatives, this work squarely focuses on a new generation of marketers who likely themselves grew up with an appreciation of sustainability and who want and need to know how to connect effectively with mainstream consumers.


Are you following the new rules of green marketing?

[...] It is the kind of book that you pick through, dog-ear, highlight and scribble in. It overflows with insightful marketing, smart case studies, and lists of references, resources and “do’s and don’ts” for successful green marketers. It now adds another pound or two to my briefcase, even when I try to shoo it away. When it appears again on my office desk or in my home den, I find myself indiscriminately opening it and learning in 5-minute chunks.

[..] If you’re a brand manager, chief sustainability officer, or ad agency consulting with a self-proclaimed “green” person, product, company or cause, then you need to read, no, wait, “own,” The New Rules of Green Marketing. It will give you an immediate jump on your competition through its encapsulation of decades of proven green marketing experience combined with current and relevant resources.
Park Howell blog, 5 April 2011 Read more ...


It sounds like it couldn’t be simpler. According to Jacquelyn A. Ottman, the five strategies for establishing credibility for sustainable branding and marketing are:
1. Walk your talk.
2. Be transparent.
3. Don't mislead.
4. Enlist the support of third parties.
5. Promote responsible consumption.
Don’t be fooled. Behind these 16 harmless words lie an array of theories, models, approaches, frameworks, do’s and do not’s, regulatory imperatives, consumer analytics, trends, surveys, reports, examples, case studies and commentaries on the entire spectrum of presenting your products and services in an environmentally responsible way, and Ottman’s book covers as many of them as you can cram into a compact 223 pages of text and references. As someone who, modestly, believes themselves to be above average on environmental awareness and reasonably up-to-date with the world of sustainability, cause marketing and green corporate initiatives, I found The New Rules of Green Marketing refreshingly informative and enlightening, and I enjoyed reading about many examples that I had not come across before, all put together in a well-ordered and logically-flowing volume.

The New Rules of Green Marketing is a book you have to read from end to end. It’s written in a punchy, fast-paced style and each page is full to the brim of wise guidance, with references to just about any company, I think, that has ever done anything remotely green.

... The book is full of real, accessible and re-applicable examples of what great companies are doing ...

... Her voice on green matters is authoritative and her book is compelling. If you are currently a Drifter or an Unconcerned, be careful, because reading this book might just turn you into one of the 43 million LOHAS consumers who are continuing to expand in number as you read this.
Elaine Cohen, CSRlive Commentary, 23 February 2011 Full review


Ottman’s new Green Marketing book: Must read

I received a copy of Jacquelyn Ottman’s The New Rules of Green Marketing for review a few weeks ago, and have been intrigued and engaged about the ideas presented inside since I picked it up to read last week.

The subtitle of the book is “Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding.” It is intended to mean “for those looking to market their brands in a sustainable fashion, here are some ideas, checklists, and practical knowledge to make that happen”. The reason everyone should read the book is that the headline could also easily mean and deliver upon this message: “here are some ideas, checklists and practical knowledge for anyone who strives to build a brand with longevity”.

Ottman’s rules transcend just “green marketing” to “good marketing”.

... Rarely do I find a book that stays true to the craft but extends it meaningfully in a particular direction ...

This book is about being a great marketer, meeting current consumer needs and often demands for responsible brand values and activities, and is a terrific source of great ideas and stories of how to market well. Its big difference is that the stories are specifically green in nature and that the guidelines are exclusive to green communication. That said, woe is the brand of any ilk that doesn’t take these lessons to heart.

Ms. Ottman is one smart marketer. I’d recommend anyone in the profession picking this book up, pouring yourself a cup of tea, and immersing yourself in a fine read that will leave you energized about our craft and with tools to create better brands in an ever-changing world.
Ann Stone, Marketer, Leader, Teacher, Speaker, C is Just a Letter blog, 23 February 2011 Full review


Jacquelyn Ottman’s The New Rules of Green Marketing is a set of refreshing rules with which the green marketer should comply, particularly in the currently dynamic epoch of sustainability. A practical guide and comprehensive reference, The New Rules of Green Marketing deals with the issues raised by companies and individuals who are interested in mainstreaming sustainability in their approach to product development and communication. Ottman’s style is engaging as she combines data and observations. She elaborates detailed strategies which are supplemented by case studies from multinational brands such as GE, HSBC, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Toyota and Wal- Mart. Towards the end of the book, Ottman dedicates a whole chapter to discuss the performance of two prominent leaders in sustainability practice, Timberland and Starbucks, which helps readers get a clearer picture of how to implement a holistic green marketing philosophy.

In the beginning of the book, Ottman presents readers with a list revealing the 20 New Rules of Green Marketing. The book’s chapters elaborate on topics such as green mainstreaming, understanding the green consumer, the new green marketing paradigm, designing greener products, sustainability innovation, communicating sustainability with impact, establishing credibility and avoiding greenwash as well as partnering for success. A checklist is presented at the end of each chapter to help readers sum up the ideas covered.

Ottman admits that the book is written primarily from the perspective of an American, and this is demonstrated by the use of statistical data coming mostly from the US. In doing this, there is the potential concern that the sustainability campaign – a global phenomenon - might be perceived as the work of only developed nations, leaving questions and doubts about what other parts of the world need to do.

Nevertheless, The New Rules of Green Marketing deserves appreciation for its determined mission to present a sustainable and greener future. Whether you are a sustainability director, a brand executive, entrepreneur or venture capitalist, a professor or a student – or whoever else - its insightful tools will serve as a valuable and enlightening resource.
Mardian Marsono, CSR International 3.1 (January 2011), Book Review Digest


This is a first class book for the client who wants to keep his marketing or PR company honest with regard to claims, approaches and marketing and advertising pitches. It has all the information needed to check the experts.

At the beginning of the book are the 20 New Rules of Green Marketing. They are simple, clear, practical and explanatory and leave no room for confusion or doubt. The rest of the book unpacks much of the detail behind the 20 rules and provides the meat and motivation behind the words. The case studies and examples illustrate the whys and wherefores and enable the cynic or the denialist to be easily countered and out argued.

The ten chapters provide the basis for change, if it hasn’t already taken place in an organisation. The titles of the chapters are: green is now mainstream; we are all green consumers; the new green paradigm; designing greener products – a life cycle approach; innovate for sustainability; communicating sustainability with impact; establishing credibility and avoiding greenwash; partnering for success; two sustainability leaders that superbly address the new rules; and a conclusion.

The author has spent over 20 years of her working life advising businesses in the US on green marketing strategies and this shows clearly in the content of this book. The book’s Ameri-centric focus means that many of the greening marketing issues associated with developing countries do not clearly emerge but that does not reflect negatively on the excellent book content.

Recommended. Especially for those businesses who are strongly focussing upon “green” as part of their brand and image. The book really does enable the novice to question the policies and approaches of so-called “expert” green marketers.

Arend Hoogervorst, Eagle Bulletin 20.4 (January 2011)


I was attracted to Ottman’s book as too many marketing books follow the traditional “orthodoxy”. This one certainly offers a different take on the subject. The cross-functional information is a welcome change, embracing marketing, operations managers and general management. As Ottman so succinctly puts it, “A new paradigm has emerged requiring new strategies with a holistic point of view and eco-innovative product and service offering.”

After a discussion of green marketing strategies, Ottman includes two chapters which outline product design issues and innovation. These are particularly welcome as they introduce the basic concepts in a readily understandable manner, without too much jargon yet linking the issues through practical examples.

Some people like checklists and “rules” and each chapter has a “new rules” checklist. These lists are useful “aide memoires” and could form the basis of training workshops...

The challenges of communication are well covered, but the most interesting chapter is that on “establishing credibility and avoiding greenwash”. The latter is so important in influencing customer perceptions that it was given a chapter of its own. How poor PR can damage a brand, lead to boycotts and loss of market share is illustrated by the ways in which over-stating a company’s environmental credentials can reduce customer confidence. This chapter includes a good discussion of eco-labels and the limitations of different types of label.
Her practical examples are useful and extremely relevant and a list of useful web sites such as certification bodies and pertinent organizations is appended. Students will enjoy the informal style of the book, but it is not an academic text.
Philippa Collins, Greener Management Journal 3.2 (2/2011)

Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, Founders and Co-CEOs, Method
The 20 New Rules of Green Marketing

1. Green is now mainstream

This item available in PDF format for free download     Download

2. We are all green consumers

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   21pp £10.00     Buy now

3. The new green marketing paradigm

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   14pp £10.00     Buy now

4. Designing green products: a life-cycle approach

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   33pp £10.00     Buy now

5. Innovate for sustainability

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   20pp £10.00     Buy now

6. Communicating sustainability with impact

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   24pp £10.00     Buy now

7. Establishing credibility and avoiding greenwash

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   28pp £10.00     Buy now

8. Partnering for success

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   25pp £10.00     Buy now

9. Two sustainability leaders that superbly address the new rules

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   16pp £10.00     Buy now

10. Conclusion

Jacquelyn A. Ottman
Read abstract     
This item available in PDF format   27pp £10.00     Buy now

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The 800-pound gorilla in the room around all “sustainability” issues is the wealthy northern consumer; that is: you and me. Our purchasing decisions, from the cars we buy to the energy we use or do not use, drives the global economy and sets norms that shape emerging consumerism in the developing world.

As one of the true pioneers of green marketing, Jacquelyn Ottman has been witness to the sea change in how savvy companies are learning to connect with, harness, and gradually shape the growing concerns and shifting priorities of a new, more responsible consumerism. Her practical advice will come as a welcome antidote for confused marketers trying to navigate between idealism that does not sell and salesmanship that has no credibility. This book will provide an invaluable guide to businesses that seek to lead and prosper in the changing times we are now living.
Peter Senge, MIT and SoL; author, The Fifth Discipline and (co-author) The Necessary Revolution

Jacquie Ottman was one of the first to open up our consciousness for going green in her earlier book. Now she can demonstrate the strong payoffs to all of us – consumers, producers, retailers – by going green. Hurrah for this book showing how going green pays off in delivering a triple bottom line – profits, people, and planet.
Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Jacquie Ottman was talking about green marketing long before it was cool, and nobody knows more about what works in green product development, or what makes green consumers tick. A lot has been written about sustainable business in general, but very little with authority on sustainable branding. Ottman’s newest book, The New Rules of Green Marketing, fills that gap – and more. It contains the strategies, cases, inspiration, and tactical tools that marketers need to make sure their green efforts are compelling and credible. The next generation of sustainable products are coming and their success will depend on smart marketing – so listen to these insights from the guru in the field.
Andrew Winston, environmental strategy consultant; author of Green Recovery and (co-author) Green to Gold

The New Rules of Green Marketing should serve as the definitive text for any organization that is looking to brand itself or its products as green or sustainable. Jacquie’s innovation-driven insights will help organizations derive real and genuine strategic advantage from their green marketing initiatives.
L. Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capitalism; author of Climate Capitalism

It’s perhaps not surprising – as Jacquie has been pioneering green marketing for over 20 years – that at the very moment it has finally gone mainstream (with Unilever, Wal-Mart, GE, Nokia, IKEA and others embracing sustainability as core strategy) she has written the definitive book on the subject. People will be referring to these 20 rules for at least the next 20 years.
John Grant, author of The Green Marketing Manifesto and Co-opportunity

Jacquelyn Ottman’s The New Rules of Green Marketing is a timely arrival that will enable us to navigate this changing world. She will help you move from “green” as a niche opportunity to its being a core part of any company’s marketing and overall corporate philosophy. Jacquelyn will inspire you about the potential of green marketing not only to generate growth but to feel better about yourself and your career as you help improve the health of the planet.
Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, Co-founders and CEOs, method

For too long, green marketers have focused myopically on the “greenness” of the product to appeal to green consumers rather than seize the consumer-sought value inherent in green products that can attract broader mainstream consumers. In The New Rules of Green Marketing, Jacquie pulls together the latest thinking and numerous case examples to illustrate how marketers can frame environmentally preferable product attributes and messages, communicate them credibly, and craft effective green marketing strategies. A must-read for marketers working to make green mainstream and moving markets toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.
Cathy L. Hartman and Edwin R. Stafford, Center for the Market Diffusion of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University

In The New Rules of Green Marketing, Ottman demonstrates, once again, that her insights are on the leading edge of green business. Her strategies are practical, credible, and should be followed by any marketer that wants to profit from addressing green consumer needs today.
David Rinard, Director Global Environmental Performance, Steelcase Inc.

As one of the pioneers active in cleaner production and later sustainable product design in Europe since 1980, I have experienced over the years both the ups and downs in our inevitable journey towards a more sustainable world. Most of us have been focusing on the ecological improvement and innovation of processes and products and helped to achieve quite some stimulating examples and advanced green management approaches with existing industries and new green ventures. However, the successful outcomes of all these – supply-side-based – pioneering actions have been jeopardized by the immense growth in the global consumption during the last 50 years.

As a contrast, Jacquelyn Ottman has been and still is the undisputable # 1 advocate of the green marketing concept, pointing us at the absolute necessity to develop greener products and services that enable consumers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The demand side should be the starting point of our green designs! Building upon her long and unique experience in the field, Jacquie’s latest release, The New Rules of Green Marketing, supplies us with her valuable up-to-date insights, including the opportunities of green branding. A must for all product design and marketing students and professors as well as the product industry. Maybe the time is right for the establishment of “The Jacquelyn Ottman Academy”?
Dr Han Brezet, Research Director of the Faculty of Industrial Design and Design for Sustainability Professor at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Jacquie Ottman’s new book transcends the fields of marketing and branding strategy and, like a bible, it shows the direction a green business company should take. Her deep understanding of the market situation in the U.S. helps her point to concrete solutions with the backing her plentiful experiences. This approach should be valid in Japan’s market as well. This must-read for every marketer in their quest to add value to their existing business flow.
Hiro Motoki, Deputy Chief Executive, E-Square Inc.; Part-time Lecturer, Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Japan

Jacquie Ottman has always been at the forefront in bridging the gap between the sustainable marketing theorists and visionaries, and the practical marketing world of competitive pressures and constraints. With her new book she has taken that bridge-building ability to a whole new level, providing succinct, convincing and well-illustrated answers to all the “How?” and “Why?” questions about sustainability that people in business could have. It points the way for products, brands and businesses to embrace sustainability and to become part of a new green mainstream, and to help lay the foundations of the marketing of the future.
Professor Ken Peattie, Director, BRASS Research Centre, Cardiff University

Ms. Ottman’s books and articles have been some of the key go-to works I have used to serve my clients and students for over a decade. Her ground-breaking and actionable insights have been, and continue to be, at the heart of creating real and long-lasting change.
Wendy Jedlicka, CPP, Founder, Jedlicka Design; author of Packaging Sustainability

Green marketing is the future and Jacquie Ottman is our guide. A high-energy, straight-talking book filled with useful pointers for anyone interested in smart, sustainable brand communications.
Brian Dougherty, Founder, Celery Design Collaborative; author of Green Graphic Design

Jacquie Ottman’s New Rules of Green Marketing offers fresh insight on the mainstream green consumer mind-set. While awareness has increased considerably in the last few years, there is still a huge opportunity to educate and develop innovative green products for the next generation of consumers. The New Rules of Green Marketing inspires us to go beyond the adoption of CFL light bulbs and reusable grocery bags to a more broadly sustainable economy. Every entrepreneur involved in sustainable consumer products should read this book.
CJ Kettler, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of LIME Media

Green marketing pioneer Jacquelyn Ottman delivers the “New Rules” in a comprehensive, engaging, and readable book sure to become another classic. Filled with relevant information, clear explanations of concepts, up-to-date and pertinent examples, topical cases, useful checklists, and extensive references, this is an ideal resource and a great companion text for sustainable business courses. Everything a green marketing professor (and her students) could ask for!
Fredrica Rudell, Associate Professor and Chair of Marketing, Hagan School of Business, Iona College

From the guru of green marketing Jacquelyn Ottman’s New Rules of Green Marketing provides an indispensable strategy for the marketing of products and services in the critical times ahead. Innovative and eminently proactive, this important book spells out how value-based marketing can be the most effective stimulus to significant organizational growth and a more sustainable consumerism.
Jon Naar, author of Design for a Livable Planet; CEO, Eco-Energy Associates

15 years ago I wrote that the ’90s had produced an explosion of opinions and theories on environmental marketing and that Jacquie’s book was the authoritative text on the subject...well, that explosion pales in comparison to this last decade. Still there is one and only one constant: Jacquie Ottman is still the oracle on the subject. It’s Jacquie who this second wave of green marketers come to for expertise and inspiration. And those who read this latest treatise from her will quickly understand why. Jacquie continues to teach us all where responsible green marketing has come from. And, more importantly, where it will be in the next 20 years. Enjoy.
Sol Salinas, Former Director of Marketing and Planning, ENERGY STAR; Federal Sustainability Lead, Accenture Sustainability Services NA

For many years now, Jacquelyn Ottman has been the “go-to” person for thought leadership on green marketing. In this new volume, she has once again integrated compelling data and keen observations into an engaging and insightful treatise on the topic. A key strength of this reader-friendly book is its inclusion of specific, actionable advice for professionals seeking to make the case for their products and services in the marketplace. The book also would be a valuable resource for courses on the emerging principles that underlie successful green marketing.
Michael V. Russo, Lundquist Professor of Sustainable Management at University of Oregon; author, Companies on a Mission: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Growing Sustainably, Responsibly, and Profitably

A global thought leader in marketing and sustainability, Jacquie’s latest book The New Rules of Green Marketing provides a highly readable, thoughtful, yet practical route map through often complex and challenging issues.
Martin Charter, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Design, UK

Few people in the world truly understand green consumers and green marketing; but Jacquie is one of them. Having built up her knowledge and experience working for top companies and organizations, in her new book Jacquie shows us what the next big thing is in the green marketplace.
Ichin Cheng, Director & Partner, Sustainable Innovation Lab, UK

Jacquelyn Ottman has yet again written an indispensable book about green marketing. The New Rules of Green Marketing not only provides valuable insights about the current and shifting marketing landscape, but also provides a blueprint on how to use these new rules to achieve business success. The New Rules of Green Marketing is a must-read for every marketer.
Jennifer Kaplan, author of Greening Your Small Business

Finally, the book that we need for a 21st-century approach to marketing. Jacquie Ottman was the first to alert us to the need for green marketing, providing the first text. Now, in The New Rules of Green Marketing, she once again leads the way, providing practices and tools for advantage that create economic value while promoting equity and safeguarding our environment. Using her relevant, credible examples of how green product benefits can be associated with business success, we will adopt this text and apply its sustaining wisdom.
Mary McBride, Ph.D. Design Management Graduate Program, Pratt Institute

Jacquie has been on the forefront of helping industries, companies, and marketers understand how the evolution of our culture to a more green society will impact them. I had the opportunity to leverage her tremendous experience and expertise in the field on a recent project. This book will become a key reference “rule book” for anyone who wants to participate in this new Green World reality.
Tukee Nemcek, Director, New Brand Initiative, BISSELL Homecare Inc.

Jacquie packs the same sage advice she’s been giving to USDA’s BioPreferred program – and more – into this extremely well written and timely book. She has been leading the green marketing movement. Everyone who wants to participate in the sustainability space should read this book.
Ron Buckhalt, Manager USDA BioPreferred program

Green is good. The New Rules of Green Marketing should be the compass for the business navigating on the odyssey of sustainability.
Jay Fang, CEO, Green Consumers’ Foundation, Taiwan

Jacquie Ottman takes her 25 years of experience in green marketing and gives insightful data and helpful checklists for practitioners in the field. The demand for green products is mainstream…and companies better be paying attention!
Shelley Zimmer, Environmental Initiatives Manager, HP

The New Rules of Green Marketing is brilliant. A must-read for anyone interested in sustainability. It’s chock-full of valuable information, insights, and ideas, and alive with stories and practical advice including checklists for organizational self-assessment and action. I expect that Jacquie’s new book will be a springboard for innovation for a new generation of green marketers.
Laurie Tema-Lyn, Principal, Practical Imagination Enterprises

Ottman’s The New Rules of Green Marketing is a wonderful, highly valuable resource – the book is a unique treasure of worthwhile information for business executives, educators, students, and other stakeholders interested in successful marketing strategies that also achieve sustainability.
Valerie L. Vaccaro, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Kean University

In The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding, Jacquelyn A. Ottman walks us through the full scope of product-related sustainability factors in an instructive, readable style using examples to which one can easily relate (oatmeal, chairs, appliances, and chocolate). The book is pro-sustainability yet balanced – discerning bona fide environmental benefits from fluff (even if well-meaning), and addressing financial benefits for businesses and customers. Anyone who buys, designs, or sells anything can use this book to make choices better for a lasting and prosperous future.
Pamela J. Gordon, Founder of Technology Forecasters Inc.; author of Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment

Ottman’s done it again. Jacquelyn doesn’t just have her finger on the pulse of green marketing: she is the pulse. She cuts the ubiquity of green marketing with the unique perspective of experience in this marketplace. Read this book and you’re up to speed.
John Rooks, author of More Than Promote: A Monkeywrencher’s Guide to Authentic Marketing

The New Rules of Green Marketing is the most comprehensive text on the subject that I have found. After evaluating over 20 current books for a new college class on green marketing, Ottman’s book was selected as the clear winner. The material is well presented with current data and informative case studies. Our Business Department is committed to encouraging students to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners in their pursuit of new opportunity. Ottman’s book complements our educational purpose and is a tool that will enable us to deliver curricula that emphasizes improving the sustainability practices of the immediate community while challenging the status quo. I can’t wait to expose this wealth of information to my ambitious and highly motivated students.
Jason K. Bordbar, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business, Los Angeles Mission College

While finger-pointing and blaming is still popular and prevailing, The New Rules of Green Marketing demonstrates forcefully what the true underlying trend is and how a forward-thinking vision can be grounded in professional and creative activities leading to a different future.
Bill Lee, CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Foundation, China

Photograph © Jon Naar 2010

At age four, her siblings called her “Junkie Jacquie” when she dragged home treasures from the neighbor’s trash. At age thirty-four, Jacquie pioneered green marketing by founding J. Ottman Consulting, Inc. Her mission: apply her in-depth consumer packaged goods expertise, with a creative bent for dreaming up new products and her finely honed strategic instincts, to help businesses develop and market the next generation of products designed with sustainability in mind.

With a client roster that includes over 60 of the Fortune 500, the USDA’s BioPreferred and other U.S. government labeling programs, Ottman is a sought-after keynoter for conferences and corporate forums around the globe. She is a founding co-chair of the Sustainable Business Committee of the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York. She is also the former co-chair of the NYC chapter of O2, the global network of green designers, and was founding jury chair for the American Marketing Association’s Special Edison Awards for Environmental Achievement in New Products.

In 2004, she spearheaded the IDSA-endorsed Design:Green educational initiative with the goal of jumpstarting eco-design education in the U.S. Underwritten with an Innovation Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Design:Green now continues as a course in the online Certificate in Sustainable Design program of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

The author of hundreds of articles on green marketing topics, she blogs at Jacquie Ottman’s Green Marketing Blog (, as well as for the Harvard Business Review and other websites.

Her three previous books on green marketing have been translated into five languages.

Ottman is a graduate of Smith College and lives in New York City. The widow of Geoffrey S. Southworth, an industrial recycler, she is the proud stepmother of his three children and two grandchildren.