Librarian and User Resources

Below is a suite of tools to help assist you in accessing and promoting to your users the online collections from Greenleaf Publishing. The tools are designed to provide guidance on how to claim access to your eCollections, download tutorial information and request marketing materials to support your promotion of the resource across your institution.

We are always here to help. If you would like further support, please contact our Customer Services Team.

Free MARC records may be accessed via our Downloads page.

Please note

On 31st January 2017, the URL prefix for links to titles within our Greenleaf Online Library (GOL) changed.  Customers to our GOL will need to ensure that title links are updated from to…/

This does not affect customers to our Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) collection.

Obtaining access to your eCollection

If you experience any problem whilst registering on ingentaconnect (for example  if your IP range is already associated with another site within your university) or you have issues claiming access, please contact the Ingenta Helpdesk in the first instance.

Register for access -video tutorial

Claiming your subscription

Once you have registered and Greenleaf have confirmed that access has been enabled through ingenta, you will need to claim your access as per the following instructions:

Claiming Access to the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL)
Claiming Access to the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) (en español)
Claiming Access to the Greenleaf Online Library (GOL), Portfolios or GDL
Claiming Access to the Greenleaf Online Library (GOL), Portfolios or GDL (en español)

Claiming Access- video tutorial

Accessing usage data

Counter 3 compliant usage statistics are available from our platform provider, Ingenta. Instructions for how to access this data are provided in our downloadable PDF. However, if you do experience any problems in downloading your information, please contact the Ingenta helpdesk for support.

Supporting EZProxy

Please use the following stanza to support off-campus linking through EZProxy. You will also need to provide us with the IP range for your EZProxy server and - where applicable - ensure that this is included on your ingenta connect account.

Linking to SOL/GOL on


T: ingentaconnect

T: ingentaconnect

Linking to our eBook collections on
T: Ebook Services
Domain Cookie

Title lists by collection


Greenleaf Publishing is a registered member of SERU. This means that for libraries who are also registered, a simple Statement of Agreement can be used in lieu of a formal license. 

SERU Statement of Agreement

Further information is available here.

For non-SERU registrants, we offer bespoke licenses, as per the example below:

Outright Purchase Licence (example only)

Posters and marketing materials

We can supply collection-specific brochures, information for your library blog or subject portals, posters to display around your institution and other materials to support you with student, faculty and user engagement with our eCollections. Please contact our Customer Services Team for further details.

Teaching resources for faculty

Free teaching resources are available for a number of Greenleaf titles within our eCollections. These are provided to support faculty members in planning programmes and course modules which cover sustainability and related subjects. Please see our Course Leaders page for details.

Tutorials and user guides

Please see below for two short video tutorials to help you get started with using SOL and GOL. (Our website has been updated since the creation of the SOL and GOL user guide videos, but the structure and content of the access platforms remains unchanged.)

A Beginner's Guide to SOL (English)

Guía para usuarios de SOL (Español)

A Beginner's Guide to GOL

User guides