Building Sustainable Legacies

Editor: Dr Aileen Ionescu-Somers, Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Two issues published per year
ISSN 2053-8898 (print)   ISSN 2053-8901 (online)

Building Sustainable Legacies: The New Frontier of Societal Value Co-Creation is a practitioner-oriented journal from Greenleaf Publishing, published in partnership with Business School Lausanne. Building Sustainable Legacies seeks to provide hands-on, pragmatic and user-friendly research, suggestions and case studies as a resource for organizations that are committed to implementing sustainability.

We believe it is high time to build bridges between business and academia, with the clear purpose of helping business become truly sustainable. Building Sustainable Legacies aims to act as a forum for those active in business and organizations of any kind to share their ideas within an open-minded academic community from various fields of expertise. The journal also hopes to celebrate projects, initiatives and ideas that inspire others to contribute to resolving crucial societal issues. Such initiatives serve as great inspiration for those in both business and academic communities who are interested in learning from visionaries around the world.

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The journal focuses on three areas of contribution:

  • Articles that enable business leaders and managers to understand the sustainability challenge
  • Articles that shed light on specific dimensions and aspects of business sustainability
  • Articles that offer exciting new solutions for business to implement sustainability

Each issue features one article of each of these three areas of contributions. The initial contributions originate from Business School Lausanne’s doctoral research program, which is dedicated to supporting organizations in their journey towards true sustainability. The BSL doctoral cohort writing the journal articles consists of nine independent researchers from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and shared interest in sustainability.

In addition, a special issue is published once a year, celebrating leading business examples from around the world in the form of attractive and inspiring hands-on case studies for practitioners to use and consider. These award winning, sustainable businesses are collaborating with Business School Lausanne on the doctoral program and have contributed to a growing, publicly-available database of valuable lessons learned in the journey towards true business sustainability.

Print subscriptions are available for Building Sustainable Legacies. The journal is free to access online and can be downloaded directly here.

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Dr Tima Bansal, Ivey Business School, USA
  • Dr Thomas Dyllick, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Professor Jonathan Gosling, Exeter University, USA
  • Dr Kathy Miller, Miller Consulting, USA
  • Dr Sandra Waddock, Boston College, USA

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Paul Polman

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The Role of the Financial Sector in Securing Energy and Food Supplies in the Developing World. 2015, 6, 31-53.

Henry Oguine

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Action Research as a Transformative Force in Management Education: Introducing the Collaboratory. 2015. 5, 103-119.

Katrin Muff

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Corporate Sustainability: An Unprecedented Journey from a Developing Nation's Perspective. 2014, 2, 9-36.

Syeda Nazish Zahra Bukhari

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