Contributors sought for the new Greenleaf Directory: Sign up to collaborate on sustainability

30 Jun 2016
by Greenleaf

We are excited to announce the creation of the Greenleaf Directory, an online directory service intended to facilitate collaboration and innovation across the Greenleaf Publishing community.

Currently in the final phases of development, the Directory has been designed in partnership with a group at Northwestern University. Together, we realised that the challenges facing business, the environment and society at large cannot be resolved by working in silos. Equally, it is important that people working in practice need to join with researchers to find solutions.

The service seeks to provide a platform for the Greenleaf Publishing community to come together and achieve the following important goals:

  • To highlight the important research that each of our members is undertaking in the fields of responsible management, sustainability and environmental management
  • To identify people from across different disciplines who are working on similar challenges, but possibly from a different angle, and to enable them to collaborate
  • To provide opportunities for members to showcase their own areas of expertise and consultancy
  • Ultimately, to identify solutions to some of the most pressing challenges that we face in business, society and for the environment today

As a service to the Greenleaf Publishing community, the Greenleaf Directory will be completely free to join and to access. To safeguard contributors’ privacy and avoid unwanted communication, personal contact details will not be made openly available to the general public on the Greenleaf Directory website. Instead, requests for contributors’ contact details will be managed directly through the Greenleaf team.

We are currently seeking contributors for the Directory and welcome any communication from authors who wish to get involved. If you are interested in contributing, or have any questions relating to how the Directory will work, please contact our publishing team at