Can the World be Wrong?

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Can the World be Wrong?

Where Global Public Opinion Says We're Headed

When the global economy and world order become uncertain, where do we look for a sense of where things are heading? Can the World Be Wrong? lays out a compelling case for looking to long-term trends in global public opinion to help predict the future. Written by a pioneer of global polling, the book is provocatively illustrated by decade-long public opinion trends across 20 countries, on subjects ranging from geopolitics, globalization, the economy, the role of companies and the UN, to changing consumer trends and the future of democracy in the 21st century.

Doug Miller, the founder and Chairman of the global research consultancy GlobeScan Inc., offers 30 never-before-released global opinion polls that inform this exposé of where the world may be headed.

This essentially optimistic book delivers a fascinating briefing on below-the-radar trends that business leaders and policy-makers follow closely and thoughtful citizens need to understand. Miller brings his topics alive with behind-the-scenes looks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (Brazil), the International Business Leaders Forum in London, the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the White House, and boardrooms around the world.

Can the World be Wrong? reveals what we really think of our leaders, businesses and policy-makers, and what this might all say about where we're headed in the 21st century. The book is essential reading for leaders, managers, policy-makers and researchers seeking to understand the power of global opinion and the implications it may have.

In Can the World Be Wrong?, author Doug Miller, renowned global polling authority and founder of GlobeScan, documents his company's polling results over decades in many countries. GlobeScan's polls ask questions beyond the myopic "horse race" political polls that clutter our media. Miller lays out GlobeScan's polls on the key global issues of our time in chapters: "Where on Earth are we going?"; "A post-superpower world"; "Retreat from economic globalization"; "Toward a sustainable economy"; "A new social contract for business"; "The rise of the ethical consumer"; "War on terror to war on poverty?"; and "Whither the United Nations." on 18 Nov 2015 Hazel Henderson

“This book is a great source of information for policy-makers in all sectors. It rightly points out that civil society organisations are at a crossroads: building on the immense trust the public places on them they can play a much more important role in shaping the future of our planet, or, if they fail to transform themselves, they may fade into obsolescence.”

Dr Burkhard Gnärig, Executive Director, International Civil Society Centre

Doug Miller and GlobeScan ... have become such a lifeline for leaders and decision-makers wanting to feel the pulse of the greatest power in the land. In a world where ripples can herald tsunamis, leaders ignore other people’s values, attitudes and opinions at their peril.

John Elkington, Co-founder, Environmental Data Services (ENDS), SustainAbility and Volans Ventures

Miller is one of the few who can put a number on a global opinion. As a pollster, it often allows him to understand before the rest of us where the world is going.

Mark Malloch Brown, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations under Kofi Annan

1. Where on earth are we going?

2. Can the world be wrong?

3. A post-superpower world

4. How the mighty are falling

5. Retreat from economic globalization

6. Toward a sustainable economy

7. The evolution of business 1975–2015

8. A new social contract for business

9. The rise of the ethical consumer

10. A civil society renaissance?

11. War on terror to war on poverty?

12. Whither the United Nations?

13. If current trends continue

14. Ideas for the 21st century

DOUG MILLER is Chairman of GlobeScan Incorporated, the global public opinion and stakeholder research consultancy. He is also President of the GlobeScan Foundation, focused on "Letting Everyone Speak".

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