The Responsible Investment Series

Series Editor: Dr Rory Sullivan, University of Leeds, UK

The ground-breaking Responsible Investment series provides a forum for outstanding empirical and theoretical work on all aspects of responsible investment, allowing the tensions and practical realities of responsible investment to be addressed in a readable, robust and conceptually and empirically rigorous format.


Setting the scene. Responsible investment: transforming finance?

The number of investment organizations that have made commitments to responsible investment has grown dramatically over the past five years. Perhaps the clearest demonstration of this is that over 1,000 asset owners and asset managers from across the world have now signed the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment and have committed to taking account of environmental, social and governance issues in their investment research and decision-making processes and in their engagement with the companies in which they are invested. There is growing evidence that responsible investment can enhance investment performance and can contribute to significant improvements in corporate practices, reporting and performance on environmental, social and governance issues. Yet important questions remain. Can responsible investment strategies systematically deliver better investment returns for all investors? Can responsible investment really deliver better social and environmental outcomes, or a more sustainable world? Does responsible investment really signal a substantive change in investment practice or is it, at its heart, a business-as-usual strategy? What role, if any, can responsible investment play in preventing a recurrence of the global financial crisis? What are the wider implications of responsible investment for stakeholders such as civil society, governments and companies?

Greenleaf is currently accepting proposals for this series. We are particularly interested in contributions on the following topics:

  • The investment performance and environmental, social and governance outcomes from responsible investment, across different asset classes (equities, fixed income, commodities, government debt, private equity, hedge funds, fund-of-fund strategies, etc.)
  • Responsible investment by different actors (e.g. pension funds, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds, insurance companies), and in different geographic regions
  • Institutions, structures and organizations (e.g. the role played by collaborative initiatives such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the environmental, social and governance outcomes they have delivered)
  • The public policy implications of responsible investment, and the role that responsible investment has played in public policy debates on both specific environmental, social and governance issues, and on wider capital market issues. This could also include questions such as the accountability of investors for their actions, investor transparency and the governance of responsible investment
  • The changing investment landscape and the implications for responsible investment. This includes stakeholder perspectives on and approaches to responsible investment, legal issues around responsible investment (e.g. debates on fiduciary duty), and the effects of the changing structure of investment markets (e.g. moves from defined benefit to defined contribution schemes, customer choice)
  • Building the market for responsible investment, focusing on how the number of organizations making commitments to responsible investment can be increased and on how the breadth and depth of their activities can be enhanced
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Victoria Halliday
Publisher, Greenleaf Publishing


Rory Sullivan

Editor, Responsible Investment Series

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Dr Rory Sullivan is a responsible investment expert and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at the University of Leeds.