The Journal of Sustainable Mobility

Editor: Dr Michael Wei Zhang, Nottingham Business School, United Kingdom
A biannual journal
ISSN 2053-2350 (online) ISSN 2059-1578 (print)

The Journal of Sustainable Mobility (JSM) is a new peer-reviewed journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of innovative and empirically sound research on sustainable transportation. The centrality of the journal is the sustainable development of the automotive industry and road transport management systems, though research on other transport modes such as aviation and shipping contributes to our understanding of the future of sustainable mobility as a whole. To address the economic, environmental and societal concerns of the development of the transportation industry, the journal will take a transdisciplinary and holistic approach to gain a better understanding of the technologies that underlie the advancement of low-carbon vehicles, market demands for such vehicles, institutional change and corporate sustainability which determine the strategies of those businesses involved.

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The journal focuses on aspects of green mobility in the context of nature, enterprise and technology. In particular, it aims to explore the links between transportation, technological management and innovation, energy use, sustainable development, and responsible business, presenting academic research alongside practical applications in order to inform policy and practice. JSM is essential reading for academics, practitioners, policy-makers and others interested in the latest research and thinking on sustainable transport and mobility.

The Journal of Sustainable Mobility publishes on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Low-carbon vehicle technologies
  • Renewable/clean/green technologies
  • Biofuels and other sources of renewable energy
  • Transportation management systems
  • Vehicle emission controls
  • Sustainable transport policies and governance
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Historical review of the automotive and oil industries and transport management systems
  • Comparative studies of national and regional approaches to technology development and environmental control
  • Case studies of innovations in technology, business models, and policy initiatives in relation to sustainable mobility

JSM is published twice annually and includes peer-reviewed papers by leading researchers, policy debates, case studies, and research notes, from Social Sciences and Engineering and Technology disciplines. It also includes reviews of the latest works published in sustainable mobility. Theme issues based on sector or region are regularly presented. We welcome contributions from academics with a research orientation, and also business practitioners and policymakers, from the public and private sectors. JSM aims to be the premier journal to publish articles on sustainable mobility that accomplish an integration of theory and practice. We want the journal to be read as much by practitioners leading sustainable transport as it is by academics seeking sound research and scholarship.

The most recent themed issue of JSM is entitled Sustainable Mobility in China and its Implications for Emerging Economies. All special issues can be purchased individually as PDFs or in paperback. If you would like to guest-edit a special issue, please contact the Publisher at

The Journal of Sustainable Mobility is included in both the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) collection and in the smaller Greenleaf Online Library (GOL). See for further information.

The inaugural issue of The Journal of Sustainable Mobility was launched at the Second International Symposium on Sustainable Mobility: Sustainable Mobility in China and its Implications for Emerging Economies, on 28 May - 29 May 2014, at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

The Journal of Sustainable Mobility is published in association with Cranfield University, Nottingham Business School and The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

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Free download:

Electric Cars in the Rural Context: Developments in Wales. 2014, 1(1), 65-82.

Daniel Newman, Peter Wells and Paul Nieuwenhuis

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Transport Transitions in Beijing: From Bikes to Automobiles to Trains. 2015, 2(1),

Yuan Gao, Peter Newman and Phillip Webster

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Escape from Carbon Lock-in? Airlines, Biofuels and Path Creation. 2015, 2(2), 8-33.

Gieri Hinnen

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