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Redefining Success

Integrating Sustainability into Management Education

This edited collection explores the conceptual and practical issues of how responsible management education can help address the social, environmental, and humanitarian impacts of business organizations.

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Beyond the Bottom Line

Integrating Sustainability into Business and Management Practice

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, with a major influence on business practice. This book is the first to examine head-on the challenges that businesses face in living up to the UNGC’s Ten Principles in both their overall strategy, and day-to-day practice. 

The United Nations Global Compact and the Encyclical Laudato Si

A special theme issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (Issue 64)

In April 2016, The Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business of the Mendoza College of Business and the UN Global Compact convened a group of scholars and business leaders. This issue will provoke your thinking and lead to new action to make the world a better place.


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Educating for Responsible Management

Putting Theory into Practice

Edited by Roz Sunley and Jennifer Leigh

The book provides ideas and experience on how to prepare the learning environment, students, faculty and teaching resources for responsible management. 

Can the World be Wrong?

Where Global Public Opinion Says We're Headed

Presenting 30 never-before-seen global opinion polls, Can the World be Wrong? reveals what we really think of our leaders, businesses and policymakers, and what this might all say about where we're headed in the 21st century. Doug Miller provides a sharp analysis of the global financial crash, green consumer movement, poverty and globalization. 

Learning To Talk

Corporate Citizenship and the Development of the UN Global Compact

This book draws together contributions from leading players in the Global Compact to reflect the aims and origins of the initiative; some telling of stories of engagement; and explanation of how this initiative has quickly become an important reference point in the dialogue on global and corporate governance.

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Raising the Bar

Creating Value with the UN Global Compact

This book provides a comprehensive toolbox designed to fill a critical void - between the support of more than 1,000 organisations for the globally recognised Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the need for this support to be translated into the day-to-day running of business to create value and improve performance.

The United Nations Global Compact

A special theme issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (Issue 11)

A broad range of contributors, including the Compact's Georg Kell, bring us up to date on the first steps of this nascent initiative .


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