The Sustainability Reporting Experience

How Sustainability Reporting Empowers People and Drives Organizational Change

The Sustainability Reporting Experience explores the ways in which people and organizations are empowered through the process of Sustainability Reporting. The reporting process is complex and most people involved play a challenging role. Here, Cohen explores how this process can empower at all levels, from internal content providers to senior management, CEOs and other organisations.

All those involved in the reporting process—at any stage and to any degree—are empowered by it in some way. This is one of the unsung and grossly underestimated benefits of sustainability reporting. The way in which a report is developed and the people it touches inside and outside the organisation creates great sustainable value which is often not quantified and not even recognized. Sustainability reports are not only about corporate performance, they speak much about the people involved in their preparation, reaching far and wide beyond the Sustainability Reporting Manager. 

This book will showcase several examples of how people have been empowered through and during the reporting process from a wide range of companies, profiling both the process and the people involved in each case. It also provides insights into the dos and don’ts of reporting so that the major benefits of empowerment can be achieved. 

ELAINE COHEN is an expert in the fields of CSR, sustainability strategy and reporting and the CSR interface with Human Resources Management. She is the author of three books on sustainable practice and reporting.

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