The Long Hedge

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The Long Hedge

Preserving Organisational Value through Climate Change Adaptation

Part of the Greenleaf Publishing Responsible Investment Series.

Mitigating and adapting to risks and changing circumstances is a natural part of doing business. But methods of mitigating and adapting can be quite different in terms of time, cost and observed impacts. The impacts of mitigation activities are more immediate while the benefits of adaptation activities may take many years to take effect. Nowhere is this difference more apparent than in the case of the corporate response to climate change.

In the context of climate change, adaptation is the process of changing behaviour in response to actual or expected climate change impacts. Climate change adaptation is now emerging as a critical partner to mitigation, and indeed may even become the primary protection mechanism for future generations.

In this unique book, Jason West provides a comprehensive assessment of the management of climate change adaptation in the corporate sector. The book provides a formal overview of the range of approaches available along with a series of practical case studies and examples that can be used by companies and other organizations to identify, assess and manage climate change adaptation.

A major focus is on the financial and investment implications of climate change adaptation. West examines how firms can evaluate the investment decisions associated with long-term climate change adaptation measures, including how such investments can be valued and funded, the appropriate accounting treatment of such measures and appropriate risk management and governance practices in relation to such measures. The book also considers the needs and interests of investors and other stakeholders, and considers how they can assess the adequacy and appropriateness of corporate action on climate change.

The Long Hedge will be essential reading and a key text for risk-practitioners, investors, financiers, scholars and policy makers in the field of climate change.

Whereas businesses understand their responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they struggle to know how to manage climate change risks, and there is remarkably little information out there to help them.  This book meets that need – it is an invaluable guidebook for businesses seeking to understand the risks of climate change and what they can do to climate-proof their operations.

Professor Jean Palutikof, Director, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Griffith University


1. Understanding climate change

2. Business response to climate change

3. Defining mitigation and adaptation

4. Adaptation activities

5. The costs of adaptation – assessment options

6. Adaptation: investor disclosure

7. Managing adaptation strategies

8. Evaluating corporate sustainability

9. Sustainability assessment using DEA

10. Research gaps and future directions

11. How to deploy these techniques: A user’s guide

Appendix 1: Generic climate cost estimation

Appendix 2: Economic assessment of adaptation

Appendix 3: Corporate governance principles

Appendix 4: Sample risk register

Appendix 5: Risk instruments

Appendix 6: Case study for CO2 mitigation

Appendix 7: Constructing the firm marginal abatement curve



JASON WEST is Associate Professor in Finance at Griffith University and is one of the world’s premier experts in natural resource valuation, commodity markets and alternative asset pricing.

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