The Business Student's Guide to Sustainable Management (Second Edition)

Principles and Practice

The Business Student’s Guide to Sustainable Management has become a core textbook for business undergraduates. With a full introduction to sustainable management, the textbook covers all subject areas relevant to business students. The book includes chapters and seminars on subjects such as: Corporate Sustainable Strategy; Sustainable Marketing; Sustainability Reporting; Supply Chain Management; Human Resources Management: Supporting Sustainable Business; Environmental Economics; Sustainable Operations Management; Greenhouse Gas Management and System Thinking in Sustainable Management.

The book contains nearly 30 ready-made seminars employing various teaching methods. Each chapter follows the same, easy-to-use format.

This book provides a true treasure chest of materials to support staff wanting to integrate sustainability into their teaching and provides support to effectively embed sustainability in the curriculum. The chapters also offer a starting point in developing teaching units for Masters and MBA students. The material is not just useful to people in business schools, but to those involved in wider scale curriculum change, and those looking to make links between different disciplines. 

This second edition features fully updated chapters, plus brand new chapters on how to teach Responsible Management Education in any business discipline and crowdsourcing for sustainable solutions.

The concept of sustainability is critical for graduates to understand the increasing complexity of business reality of today and tomorrow. Equipping them with the necessary knowledge is a significant challenge for business education. This book is a important contribution towards this goal and shows how to embed the concept of sustainability throughout the business school curriculum. As a very applicable guide, it is useful for both interested educators and students.

Joris-Johann Lenssen, Managing Director, ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society

Zoe Robinson, Director of Education for Sustainability, Keele University


1. The structure and purpose of this book 
Petra Molthan-Hill, Nottingham Business School

2. Introductory Note for Lecturers, Deans and other university staff who want to embed Sustainability into the Business School Curriculum 
Petra Molthan-Hill, Nottingham Business School

3. Introducing issues of sustainability 
Richard Howarth, Nottingham Business School

4. Integrating the three pillars of sustainability: Social, environmental and economic 
Seraphina Brown and Aldilla Dharmasasmita, Nottingham Business School

5. NEW: How to Teach Responsible Management Education
Susan Hill

Embedding sustainability into core subjects

6. Sustainability Reporting 
Christian Herzig, and Biswaraj Ghosh, Nottingham Business School

7. Environmental Economics 
Rosa Maria Fernandez, University of Birmingham

8. Human Resources Management: Supporting Sustainable Business 
Elaine Cohen, Beyond Business Ltd

9. Sustainable Marketing 
Helen Goworek, Nottingham Business School

10. Sustainable Operations Management 
Maggie Zeng, University of Gloucestershire

11. Sustainable Supply Chain Management 
Peter Lund-Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School and Lynn Oxborrow, Nottingham Business School

12. Developing Sustainable Responsible Strategies in Business  
Mathias Schuez, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Adding core topics to the curriculum

13. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management 
Aldilla Dharmasasmita, Nottingham Business School, Helen Puntha, Ellie Kennedy, Nottingham Trent University and Richard Holmes, Third Stone Ltd

14. Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Peacemaking 
Natalie Ralph, Corporate Peacebuilders and Ellie Kennedy, Nottingham Trent University

15. NEW: Crowdsourcing for Sustainable Solutions
Lorinda Rowledge, EKOS International

Bringing it all together

16. Systems Thinking and Sustainable Management 
Néstor Valero-Silva, Nottingham Business School

PETRA MOLTHAN-HILL is Principal Lecturer in Business Sustainability at Nottingham Business School, NTU and is Sustainability Coordinator, responsible for embedding sustainability and business ethics into the curriculum.

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