Sustainable Luxury

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Sustainable Luxury

Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands

Most consumers of luxury products and services use them as status symbols – symbols of success. However, the definition of success – and the way it is perceived by others – is changing. Increasingly, consumers want the brands they use to address growing concerns that luxury products invariably come at a heavy social and environmental cost. The luxury industry faces its biggest challenge yet in satisfying an emerging demand of successful consumerism – products that meet high environmental, social and ethical standards.

This collection sees internationally renowned fashion, luxury and sustainability experts come together to explore the challenges faced - and solutions developed - by luxury goods companies in sourcing, producing and marketing luxury products. Sustainable Luxury: Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands represents the most comprehensive collection of current writing on the nascent relationship between sustainability and luxury. It will be essential reading for academics researching sustainable development in the fashion and luxury industries and it will provide invaluable guidance for practitioners seeking the latest research to help them meet consumer demand for sustainable goods and services. 

The idea of Sustainable Luxury sounds, on the surface to be a bit of an oxymoron. After all, as Coco Chanel stated, luxury begins where necessity ends—it is, at its core, about the consumption of absolute non-essentials. But in Sustainable Luxury: Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands, Miguel Angel Gardetti and Ana Laura Torres prove through a collection of thoughtful essays and comprehensive studies that not only can luxury brands produce and sell responsibly, it is, like in every business, a major imperative in the current environmental and economic climate. Sustainable Luxury is a must read for anyone in any industry today.

Dana Thomas, author of 'Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster'

The authors of  this book have done a truly excellent  job of exploring the different dimensions of the luxury industry in relation to sustainability. It is a must-read for luxury businesses and a huge step forward in taking that message beyond the academic world and onto the global stage, enabling everybody to play a part in building a better and more sustainable world.

Yolanda Regodón Poblador, Associate Director of Communication and Head of Corporate Communication at IE Business School

A remarkable compilation of expert insight addressing some of the most relevant and challenging questions facing today’s luxury industry. An invaluable resource for luxury professionals seeking to create long-term value for their brands and beyond.

Eduardo Escobedo, Project Director, Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform (RESP)

María Eugenia Girón

Miguel Angel Gardetti, and Ana Laura Torres

Part 1

1. Is Sustainable Luxury Fashion Possible?
Frédéric Godart and Sorah Seong

2. Fake Remake: The role of the luxury fashion market in driving sustainable fashion practices

Angela Finn and Kim Fraser

3. Luxury marketing strategies related to ethical sourcing

Cecilia Mark-Herbert and Catarina Holmsten-Carrizo

Part 2

4. Redefining Luxury in the 21st Century - Where Was Yours Made? A Case Study of Made in San Francisco
Connie Ulasewicz

5. Sustainable consumption: Luxury branding as a catalyst for social change
Gjoko Muratovski

6. Luxury vs. Conscious consumption: Are they really paradoxical? A study of Brazilian and Portuguese luxury consumer behaviour
Ana Carolina De Pierro Bruno and Edgard Barki

7. Are luxury purchasers really insensitive to Sustainable Development? New insights from research
Jean-Noël Kapferer and Anne Michaut-Denizeau

Part 3

8. Luxury Lodges in New Zealand and prospects for elegant disruption
Martin Perry

9. Diversity of human capital as a driver for corporate responsibility engagement: The case of the luxury industry 
Catarina Pessanha Gomes and Masaru Yarime

10. The wild side of luxury: Can nature continue to sustain the luxury industry?
Xenya Cherny-Scanlon

About the editors

MIGUEL ANGEL GARDETTI is founder of the Center for Studies on Sustainable Luxury, Argentina. ANA LAURA TORRES collaborated in the development of the Sustainable Textile Center, Argentina.

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