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Spirituality and Business: A Christian Viewpoint

An Open Letter to Christian Leaders in Times of Urgency

Are the demands placed on 21st-century business leaders compatible with Christian values? Is it possible to act ethically and be socially responsible within a global system driven by economic demands? This important book explores the current conflict between spirituality and corporate leadership and asks challenging questions of business leaders and decision-makers.

This book is a clarion call to action for all current and aspiring business leaders who wish to see their tombstone being etched with something more than "he delivered a long period of sustained profit growth". Professor de Woot is an intellectual giant whose writings offer a new vision of leadership in a time when such vision is rare and yet desperately needed.

Mark Drewell, CEO, Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Our economic model, the worldwide liberal open economy, has been showing significant weaknesses. Even though many of us, Christian businessmen, believe it is, like democracy, the worst of all systems except all the others, we cannot be satisfied by that answer. At a time where the American Christian right is promoting extreme ideas, and the European Christian left cannot find better than a failed welfare state, Philippe de Woot's provocative thinking is a useful wake-up call.

Bertrand Collomb, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lafarge

Philippe de Woot is a remarkable man and this is an exceptional book that goes to the very heart of how companies should be managed and ask some serious questions about the role and value of business in the global community. This is a must-read book for business leaders, business school faculty and students around the world.

Eric Cornuel, CEO & Director General, EFMD


1. On the edge of the abyss or the threat of unreason

2. A new corporation, a new spirit

2.1 Entrepreneurship and creation

2.2 Leadership and ethics

2.3 Statesmanship and the Common Good

3. New hearts


PHILIPPE DE WOOT is Emeritus Professor at Louvain Catholic University, Belgium, where he taught Business Policy, Strategic Management and Business Ethics. He is still actively committed to the research and promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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