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About Time

Speed, Society, People and the Environment

Edited by Tim Aldrich

Sustainable development is about safeguarding the planet, and the people it supports, unconstrained by time. Looking at issues affecting society and the environment through the prism of time, this collection conveys the urgency of the challenge, leading us to new solutions.

Above the Clouds

A Guide to Trends Changing the Way we Work


As the world of work changes at an ever-faster rate, what can we expect work to look like in the near-future? This work, the result of a future studies project carried out by the European Foundation for Quality Management, examines a wide range of issues and provides clues to what the future of work may look like.


Implementing Curriculum Change in Management Education

Anti-Corruption presents comprehensive anti-corruption guidelines on how to professionalize anti-corruption education around the world. Written by international business professors and deans, the book guides academic institutions in how to adopt, adapt and develop best practice. It presents sample curricula, illustrative case studies and offers clear, hands-on recommendations.

Australasian Perspectives on Corporate Citizenship

A special theme issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (Issue 4)

Edited by David Birch

This special issue, devoted to Australasian perspectives, is timely in a debate in the region that is gaining momentum every day. Contributors to this issue are leading scholars in the field in Australia, New Zealand and India .

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Bazaars, Conversations and Freedom

For a Market Culture Beyond Greed and Fear

Long before the financial meltdown and the red alert on climate change, some far-sighted innovators diagnosed the fatal flaws in an economic system driven by greed and fear. Across the global North and South, diverse people have been challenging the 'free market' orthodoxy. This book is a chronicle of their achievements.

Beyond Governments

Making Collective Governance Work - Lessons from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

This book sets out a framework for governance entrepreneurs wishing to implement collective governance, outlining its practicalities and pitfalls, and drawing out the experience of the international standard, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). 

Buried Treasure

Discovering and Implementing the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility

Demonstrates how it is possible to create "shared value" for companies, communities and other stakeholders by putting CSR at the core of the business model. This work is suitable for managers and students searching for the advantages of corporate social responsibility for business and its many stakeholders.

The Business of Bees

An Integrated Approach to Bee Decline and Corporate Responsibility

Edited by Jill Atkins and Barry Atkins

The Business of Bees provides the first integrated account of diminishing bee populations from an interdisciplinary perspective. It explores the role of corporate responsibility and governance as they relate to this issue and examines what the impact will be on consumers, companies, stock markets and global society if bee populations continue to decline.

Business, Capitalism and Corporate Citizenship

A Collection of Seminal Essays

Edited by Malcolm McIntosh

In the first decades of the twenty-first century, the theory and practice of corporate citizenship and responsibility adapted significantly. The pieces in this volume capture the essence of these changes, with illuminating reflections by their authors. Featuring contributions from John Ruggie, Peter Senge, Jan Aart Scholte and Georg Kell, it charts the rise of corporate citizenship, sustainability and CSR.

Case Studies in Sustainability Management

The oikos collection Vol. 3

This third volume of case studies on sustainability management provides a current view of the challenges companies face in targeting sustainability issues, and the ways in which they have overcome common barriers. Featured case studies include Walmart, PepsiCo and Chipotle.

Case Studies in Sustainability Management and Strategy

The oikos collection

Edited by Jost Hamschmidt

This collection of thought-provoking and award-winning case studies on sustainability management explores both the opportunities and pitfalls companies face in targeting sustainability issues and how their values and core assumptions impact their business strategies.

Changing Business from the Inside Out

A Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations

In this book, Tim Mohin tells us why he believes he is making a difference where it counts and how others can do the same. His book is a manual on how to steer the corporate supertanker toward doing good for people and our planet.