Social responsibility

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Extractive Relations

Countervailing Power and the Global Mining Industry

This book explores how mining companies strategize, operationalize and relate to the problems of social responsibility and the connected challenges. With analysis informed by observance of the industry over many years, it will be valuable to practitioners and academics.

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Indigenous Aspirations and Rights

The Case for Responsible Business and Management

"Indigenous Aspirations and Rights" examines the intersection of business with Indigenous peoples’ rights. It considers implications for both management and Indigenous peoples, and examines how the PRME, the UN Global Compact, and the concept of socially responsible business can encompass positive outcomes for Indigenous peoples.

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Healing the World

Today's Shamans as Difference Makers

This book is an accessible follow up to "Intellectual Shamans". It takes shamanistic teachings and uses them to outline the ways in which individuals can find meaning in their work, no matter what their occupation or set of interests. 

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Frugal Value

Designing Business for a Crowded Planet

"Frugal Value" contests the notion that the answer to our socio-economic and environmental crises lies in existing “sustainable business” practices, which too-often mean business-as-usual. This book re-thinks the fundamental purpose and role of business to understand how commercial firms might help address the great challenges of our time.

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Gender Equality and Responsible Business

Expanding CSR Horizons

This illuminating book draws together voices from business, academia and civil society to focus on gender equality and its impacts not just in the boardroom, but the wider gender impacts of business in the marketplace – among suppliers, supply chains, communities, the environment and throughout corporate value chains. 

Responsible Business

The Textbook for Management Learning, Competence and Innovation

This textbook provides a theoretically sound, highly relevant, introduction to the topic of socially and environmentally responsible business. It takes an international perspective, has a strong theoretical basis, and fully integrates the topics of sustainability, ethics, and responsibility.

Sustainable Solutions: University–Community Partnerships

Sustainable Solutions shares best practice in community-engaged teaching and sustainability-focused research at Portland State University. This volume explores how these partnerships work in practice, analyzing 13 projects to offer pragmatic guidance, critical reflections and inspiration for creating effective university-community partnerships.

Intellectual Shamans, Wayfinders, Edgewalkers, and Systems Thinkers: Building a Future Where All Can Thrive

A special theme issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (Issue 62)

This special issue honors the voice of the changemaker, Wayfinder, Edgewalker, and Intellectual Shaman in particular. With contributions from across the globe, this issue addresses the ideas of corporate citizenship from perspectives entirely removed from the mainstream.

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The Business of Bees

An Integrated Approach to Bee Decline and Corporate Responsibility

Edited by Jill Atkins and Barry Atkins

The Business of Bees provides the first integrated account of diminishing bee populations from an interdisciplinary perspective. It explores the role of corporate responsibility and governance as they relate to this issue and examines what the impact will be on consumers, companies, stock markets and global society if bee populations continue to decline.

The Italian Model of Management

A Selection of Case Studies

Edited by Luigi Serio

This book is an essential resource for facilitators seeking to help students develop their knowledge of management practice in Italy. It presents a collection of the best case studies and accompany­ing teaching notes from the Italian Association for Management Education (ASFOR) competition in 2014. The cases are written by teachers across many of the leading universities in Italy.

The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise - Volume 1: Africa and Middle East

Edited by Wayne Visser

The World Guide provides a unique reference to global sustainable enterprise developments in each major country in the world. Volume 1 explores the priority issues, trends, government policies and a number of case studies in sustainable enterprise in the Middle East and North Africa.

The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise - Volume 2: Asia Pacific

Edited by Wayne Visser

The World Guide provides a unique reference to global sustainable enterprise developments in each major country in the world. Volume 2 explores the priority issues, trends, government policies and a number of case studies in sustainable enterprise in Asia Pacific.