DōShorts are a collection of concise, high-quality books for professionals, including a guide to the circular economy, the use of digital media in brand-builidng, integrated reporting, and how-to guides on producing a sustainability report, measuring a building's energy use, and valuing natural and social capital. They address one sustainability challenge at a time and can be read in 90 minutes. We aim to make those 90 minutes deliver value on a par with an expert seminar or master class.


The collection includes practical ‘how to’ guides as well as framework pieces and business briefings that give an expert overview of cutting edge developments in a wide range of fields.

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DōShorts were originally published by Dō Sustainability, and are now part of Greenleaf Publishing's product portfolio.

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How to Bring Values to Life in Your Business

By Ed Mayo

There is no one right or wrong set of values, but there is power and potential in making the most of the right values for your business. Ed Mayo, Secretary General at Co-operatives UK, presents how they can become a natural part of commercial life. With a range of case studies, this book offers practical approaches to make a success of values.

Water Footprint Assessment

A Guide for Business

This definitive short guide distils the latest in scientific and policy literature, helping sustainability leaders understand what they can, and can’t, do with water footprint tools, includes practical experience and case studies and outlines the pros and cons of using Water Footprint Assessment and similar approaches.

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Creating a Culture of Integrity

Business Ethics for the 21st Century

Companies must create an enduring culture of integrity that establishes doing the right thing as the cultural norm across the organization. This book identifies the key actions sustainability and compliance officers can take to foster a cultural shift toward ethical business practices within their organizations.

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Beyond the Energy–Water–Food Nexus

New Strategies for 21st-Century Growth

This concise guide goes beyond just identifying the problems and helps organizations abandon "business as usual" thinking to begin solving the issues found at the food, water and energy nexus.

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Beyond Certification

Scott Poynton, founder of The Forest Trust, makes a compelling case for a new approach to social and environmental problems such as deforestation and the exploitation of people that goes "beyond certification".

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Storytelling for Sustainability

Deepening the Case for Change

Storytelling is an ancient practice and a priceless skill. In this short guide, veteran sustainability strategist and storyteller Jeff Leinaweaver shows which ways of storytelling "transmit resonance" and lead to success and which lead to failure.

Valuing Natural Capital

Future Proofing Business and Finance

Companies that will succeed in the long-term are integrating natural and social capital into their business model now. This book provides a succinct introduction to natural capital, its links to social and other capitals and how to use it to support better decision-making in business.

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Understanding Integrated Reporting

The Concise Guide to Integrated Thinking and the Future of Corporate Reporting

With updated references and case studies to take account of the latest developments in Integrated Reporting, this book provides a practical and expert distillation of Integrated Reporting for professionals.

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The Guide to the Circular Economy

Capturing Value and Managing Material Risk

This book demystifies the language of the circular economy, gives examples to show what it looks like in practice and equips readers to make the links between their own company’s initiatives and those of others, making those activities count by influencing actors across the supply chain.

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PR 2.0

How Digital Media Can Help You Build a Sustainable Brand

This book will help you create an effective engagement plan that will provide the powerful combination of living your values and telling an authentic story, while leveraging the true value of social and digital media.

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Accelerating Sustainability Using the 80/20 Rule

This book helps you consider sustainability from an 80/20 perspective, that 80 percent of outputs are typically produced by 20 percent of inputs. Identifying these "vital few" inputs in sustainability focuses effort and can maximize our effectiveness, accelerating progress rapidly.

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Business Strategy for Water Challenges

From Risk to Opportunity

Water is a resource under increased stress, with its management now cited as one of the greatest risks to business continuity and growth. This concise guide for professionals offers strategic steps for developing a corporate water stewardship strategy.

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