Promote Your Article

The list of tips below is intended as a useful guide to help you increase the visibility of your journal article.

  • Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, listservs, discussion forums and any blogs you participate in to post an announcement that your paper is now available to read, and link to it using its DOI (digital object identifier), included in your online access notification email.
  • Include your published paper or the journal on your students’ required or further reading lists.
  • Add your published paper to the list of publications on your institution’s staff profile page.
  • List your paper with other publications on your LinkedIn profile – if you do not have a list, start one.
  • Contribute to relevant discussions on discussion lists and introduce your research, as appropriate.
  • Join an academic networking site such as CiteULike, or ResearchGate, and add your paper to your profile.
  • Mention your paper in your email signature with the DOI link included: ‘Click here to read my paper on…’.
  • Check that your library has a subscription to the journal or to the Sustainable Organization Library, which features all Greenleaf Publishing journals and books, and content from partners. If your library is not subscribed, recommend the journal and the Sustainable Organization Library for the next subscription year.
  • Distribute or display flyers promoting the issue in which your paper appears at conferences and events you attend – we can supply materials to help you do this.
  • Find Wikipedia pages related to your topic and edit them, using your paper as a reference - this drives a surprising amount of traffic to your paper.
  • Send the pre-print of your paper to selected colleagues who will be interested in your research and include a link to the final published version of your paper.
  • Register for a unique ORCID if you don’t already have one.

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