Principles and Practice of Impact Investing

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Principles and Practice of Impact Investing

A Catalytic Revolution

Impact investing is gaining global attention from society, governments and businesses. Increasingly, it is seen as a new paradigm to deal with the economic crisis and curtailed public budgets, an answer to the diversified needs of society. It now ranks high on the policy agenda of governments and international organizations, and private investors are searching for new investment opportunities to channel the liquidity available.

This book is the first to look at impact investing as a "refocus" of venture capital to sustain the development of societal impact enterprises. Principles and Practice of Impact Investing collects chapters from international experts on the subject, discussing the foundations of the movement, analysing leading international cases and debating future trends in the field. It also includes interviews with some of the most influential stakeholders of impact investing across the world.

The book is an inspirational and practical guide for actors and stakeholders to enable better understanding of impact investing. Taking an international perspective, the chapters primarily deal with mature economies, setting it apart from the existing literature focused on emerging countries. The book will be of interests to practitioners and executives, as well as researchers and MBA students.

Impact investing is a huge topic at present and the questions [the book] is asking are highly relevant. It will stand as a definitive contribution to this literature. 

Rory Sullivan, Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, University of Leeds

Doug Miller

Part 1: Impact investing: what, who, how

1. Impact investments: the emergence of a new beacon in investing?
Harry Hummels (GIIN &Maastricht UNI)

2. The early days of impact investing: market size, investment type and returns
J. Tansey, Jana Svedova and Alfonso Cuyegkeng, Sauder Business School

3. Early attempts at benchmarking impact investments
Alessandro Lanteri, Hult International Business School

Part 2: Perspectives on impact investing

4. Impact investing as a societal refocus of venture capital: the perspective of mature economies.
Veronica Vecchi, Francesca Casalini, Stefano Caselli, SDA Bocconi School of Management

5. Measuring impact: a debate about the concepts of profit and value
Uli Grabenwarter, European Investment Fund

6. The future of impact investing
Luciano Balbo, Oltre Venture

Part 3: Before and beyond impact investing

7. Social enterprises
Federica Bandini, University of Bologna

8. From philanthropy to venture philanthropy
Lisa Hehenberger, ESADE Business School and European Venture Philanthropy Association, Priscilla Boiardi and Alessia Gianoncelli, European Venture Philanthropy Association

9. Public-private collaborations for social impact creation
Niccolò Cusumano, Veronica Vecchi and Manuela Brusconi, SDA Bocconi School of Management

10. The science of shared value: integrating business and social analytics
Paul MacMillan and Alison Sproat, Deloitte

11. Innovating for impact investing: financial institutions and beyond
Helen Toxopeus, Karen Maas and Kellie Liket, Rotterdam University

Part 4: Impact investing in practice: experiences from the point of view of the operators

12. The development of an impact-driven portfolio
Emilie Goodall, Bridges Ventures

13. Social impact from giving to investing
UBS team

14. Creating the ecosystem for impact investing
Aditi Shrivastava and Usha Ganesh, Intellecap

15. Leveraging the ecosystem for growth: case studies from India
Aditi Shrivastava, Intellecap

16. Pioneer to mainstream: lessons from the Indian impact investing ecosystem
Usha Ganesh, Intellecap

17. Impact investing in Central America: an analysis of the growth, diversity and potential of a young investment strategy in an emerging market
Alvaro Salas and William Nielsen, The Democracy Lab,  Luis Castro, Mesoamerica Investments

18. Impact investing in Africa
Emanuele Santi and Laura Sennett, African Development Bank

About the contributors

VERONICA VECCHI and MANUELA BRUSONI are Professors of Public Management and Policy at Bocconi University; where STEFANO CASELLI is Full Professor of Banking and Finance. LUCIANO BALBO is Founder and Chairman of Oltre Venture.

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