Pretoria Leadership Conference

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Pretoria Leadership Conference

A special theme issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (Issue 60)

Guest editor Derick de Jongh

The Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership invited papers related to responsible leadership from a trans-disciplinary perspective involving the social and natural sciences. Subsequent to a lengthy review process, fifteen authors were invited to present at the the 3rd International Conference on Responsible Leadership; from these, five papers were finally selected to appear in this Special Edition.

Management, leadership, and business knowledge by itself cannot ensure a sustainable and equitable future. What is needed is an integration of knowledge about responsible leadership across disciplinary boundaries, ranging from management studies and the physical sciences, to law, the humanities and social science. Only by integrating across current disciplinary boundaries can we find hope for generating what has been termed “earth system governance”, a way for humanity to manage the complexities of the world to create a just, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

The five papers included in this special edition provide insight into responsible leadership and the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue in an interconnected and complex world. The perspectives converge to give us focused insights on responsible leadership as an emerging discourse, confirming the importance of bridging science, business and politics, and the role that responsible leadership plays in this. 


Malcolm McIntosh, General Editor, Journal of Corporate Citizenship

Guest Editorial

Derick de Jongh, The Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Turning Point: Seeking Sustainability Leadership

Jem Bendell, University of Cumbria, UK

Richard Little, University of Cumbria, UK

Citizens’ response to irresponsible (or constrained) leadership as a catalyst for change: A critical assessment of leadership and followership in Nigeria

Sope Williams-Elegbe, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Aiding and abetting an escape from disciplinary parochialism: A case study

Neil Stuart Eccles, Institute for Corporate Citzenship, University of South Africa

The Valuation of Ecosystem Services in South African Environmental Impact Assessments: Review of selected mining case studies and implications for policy

Joel Houdet, African Centre for Technology Studies, Kenya

Claudious Chikozho, Gauteng City-Region Observatory, Wits University, South Africa

Is integrated reporting a matter of public concern? Evidence from Australia

Patricia T. Strong, Unversity of New South Wales, Australia

Chief Mohlomi: A pioneer in bridging knowledge from enterprises of science, business and politics in southern Africa in the 18th century

Khali Mofuoa, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Stuart University, Australia


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