Pan-African Sustainability to 2050: Practical Approaches

Worldwide, the issues of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), once on the margins of social and corporate consciousness, are becoming mainstream concepts across the spectrum of private companies, NGOs and the public sector. With such large disparities in wealth and resources across different global regions, what does this mean for African nations? How can the values of CSR and Sustainability be meaningfully implemented in the context of the economic and institutional challenges faced throughout the continent?

Hosted by Michael Hopkins, main author of CSR and Sustainability: From the Margins to the Mainstream, this webinar will investigate the practical approaches through which African organizations are implementing CSR, as well as exploring what future decades hold in regard to the adoption of sustainable practices across the region.

Providing a pan-African perspective on one of the greatest socio-economic challenges of our time, this global event will be valuable viewing to businesses, organizations, and all individuals interested in securing a more sustainable future.

This global event is essential viewing for those in business, finance, academia and anyone invested in the future of our planet.

A recording of the full webinar is available below.