Open access policy

Greenleaf Publishing is a RoMEO Green Publisher. We are committed to sharing and disseminating the research contained in our journals and books as widely as possible and in a fair manner.

Journal articles

  • Post publication, you may do whatever you wish with your own version of the article (pre peer review). We do not recommend posting a copy of your article on a public site before publication, as this will compromise the double-blind peer review process and claims to originality.
  • Post publication, you may post the accepted version of the article (post peer review) in an institutional or subject repository, your department’s website or your own personal website.
  • When posting or re-using the article, please provide a link to the appropriate DOI for the published version of the article. We recommend linking to the published version to ensure that download and citation numbers are captured accurately.
  • Please add a note to all articles posted to a repository or website: “The official published version of the paper can be found at [add journal article link].”
  • You may use the published article for non-commercial purposes, including in your own teaching.
  • The publisher’s final version may not be posted into an institutional or subject repository, but will be free to access for the author’s institution via the Sustainable Organization Library. For full details of Greenleaf Publishing’s Journal Access Initiative, please click here.
  • If you wish to reproduce the published version of your paper in a repository or on a website, please contact us at

If you have any questions relating to our open access policy, contact us at


If you wish to re-use content that has been published in a Greenleaf Publishing book, please contact to discuss the specific terms.