Solar Photovoltaics Business Briefing

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Solar Photovoltaics Business Briefing

This book explains, for a UK business audience, the technical, scientific and economic aspects of solar photovoltaics (PV) technologies. It is useful to anyone considering a business use of solar PV, whether an investor, potential purchaser, or thinking of setting up a company in the sector.

It succinctly examines: their applications and how to assess them; the prospects and drivers for cost reductions and implementation; the role of PV in carbon offsetting; and the business case for and against investment.

It will arm the reader with sufficient knowledge to talk to contractors or to compile a business investment case for senior management.

PV is the sunrise sector for electricity generation; the renewable technology whose time has come. Clean, and with no moving parts to wear out, it interfaces neatly with other technologies, both digital and analogue. Cost curves are decreasing and installation curves exponentially rising. Although silicon-based cells are well-known, due to the feed-in tariff support they receive, within the next five to eight years, lowering production costs and technological innovations will mean that solar electricity will be poised to find even more widespread applications.

This is an essential source of information for actual or prospective solar investors, and recommended reading for all solar enthusiasts. A well researched, and authoritative work on an important sector. David Thorpe knows his subject inside out.

OLIVER TICKELL, author of 'Kyoto2' (ZED Books, 2008), greentech entrepreneur, advisor to Green House Think Tank

David Thorpe presents an easy-to-understand guide to solar PV, without dumbing down the technology or the myriad of reasons why this particular renewable energy source adds up for investors. Offering a comprehensive overview of why solar PV makes environmental and economic sense, it is essential reading for business owners considering installations.


1. About this book

2. What is solar power?

3. The photovoltaic effect

4. Applications

5. The cost of PV systems

6. Planning a solar installation

7. Investing in PV

8. Sources of information

9. Decision tree

DAVID THORPE has 25 years' experience of research, consultancy and journalism on environmental issues. He is News Editor of Energy and Environmental Management Magazine and author of several books.

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