Service Leadership

Sense Making, Calling and Meaning within Organizations

It is well understood that employees who are fulfilled and satisfied within their jobs make more effective ambassadors for their companies. 

And yet, most companies and their leaders are typically not attuned to the desires and deep motivations of individuals. These individuals will, of course, spend much of their waking hours in a work environment.

How does the individual pursuit of meaning, calling and happiness exist within an organizational context?  Can it thrive in that environment and provide a satisfactory means for the fulfilment of the individual and their concomitant commitment to their company or organization?  Is that possible? And what are the benefits of the organization providing that type of environment?

This book identifies a concept of service leadership that will help organizations engage individuals in their sense of calling—and provides a practical framework to act on it. It argues that service leadership within an organization works most effectively when the purpose of the organization is in harmony with the individual calling of employees, so that both the purposes of the organization and the individuals within it are fulfilled simultaneously. When the rules of service leadership are followed, company leaders can empower their employees and ultimately build a more effective organization. 

Chapter 1 – Service, Sense making and Calling
Chapter 2 – Organizational & Personal Disconnect
Chapter 3 – Sense Making for Individuals – The Context of Religion & Spirituality
Chapter 4 – Sense Making for Individuals – The Concept of Calling
Chapter 5 – Sense Making for Individuals at Work
Chapter 6 – Sense Making for Organizations
Chapter 7 – Service Leadership: Organizational Context
Chapter 8 – Service Leadership: Individual Impact

RICHARD J. GOOSSEN is Chairman, Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization  and Strategic Counsel & Relationship Manager, Covenant Planning Group (, where he provides integrated financial and strategic counsel to ultra-high net worth family business and entrepreneurs. 

THEODORE ROOSEVELT MALLOCH is the Managing Director (Americas) and Supervisory Board Member at the Academy of Business in Society, New York, Brussels and Shanghai. He is also Professor of Strategic Leadership and Governance and Co-Director – Directors Forum Advisory Board, Henley Business School, UK.

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