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PR 2.0

How Digital Media Can Help You Build a Sustainable Brand

If sustainability is central to your business strategy, then 21st century trends in corporate communications apply to you, doubly.

From addressing the growing skepticism of traditional corporate messages to finding ways to engage an increasingly participatory and digital-savvy workforce and consumer base, there are new ways to effectively connect with your stakeholders.

Use this book to: understand how transparency in corporate responsibility and the increasing importance of digital media have updated the way effective organizations communicate; develop a communications plan for your organization that reaches, and engages, the right stakeholders, using the most appropriate tools and channels; get practical advice on how to "sell" the use of digital media to skeptical internal stakeholders, including in the c-suite, as part of your mission-advancing communications plan.

An effective engagement plan will require the powerful combination of living your values and telling an authentic story, while leveraging the true value of social and digital media. This book will help you make the most of the irrevocable changes in the way people create, share, receive, judge and interact with information.

John Friedman’s forward thinking and straightforward approach in PR 2.0 illustrates how companies and individuals can succeed towards sustainability communications and goals through thoughtful participation. A brilliant read!

JULIE URLAUB, Founder and Managing Partner Taiga Company

Friedman manages to cut through the fog of misunderstanding and misapplication to propose a transformative approach to PR, which is beyond greenwash, media manipulation and public misdirection. The book's clear set of recommendations, brought to life with insightful examples, will be valuable to anyone who grasps the urgent need for more effective communication of our glocal sustainability imperative.

DR WAYNE VISSER, Director, Kaleidoscope Futures, Founder of CSR International

A succinct, insightful, and practical guide to how social media changes the nature of public relations. It’s a great place both to start and to return to for guidance on building a sustainable brand that engages fully with its stakeholders.

ANGELO IOFFREDA, Chief Engagement Officer, io spark communications

In a transparent world, how a company behaves and manages our shared environmental and social challenges is open to public scrutiny. For executives, it's a path filled with big risks and opportunities. John Friedman's PR 2.0 shows marketers and business leaders how to use digital media not as a megaphone, but as way for companies to live their values and foment an authentic conversation with employees, customers, and every other stakeholder.

ANDREW WINSTON, author of T'he Big Pivot', co-author of 'Green to Gold'

Gone are the excuses of “I just don’t know how to do social media”. John's insights and the practical path he lays out gives confidence to those who are trying to start engagement in this digitally connected world and those who are old hands at it. Those who are new to it will learn how to move from crawl to running at full speed. Those old hands will learn from a master who is at the leading edge of digital engagement. Simply put, this book is essential for those seeking to connect to people in a meaningful way in this digitally connected world.

HENK CAMPHER, SVP, Business and Social Purpose, Edelman PR.

A quick and practical read on how to connect social and digital media strategies. 
No fluff, no fancy charts, no pages and pages of analytics without context ... For communicators, this guide offers practical tip sheets and useful examples. For marketers, this is a toolkit on how to pursue effective and strategic communications. Highlight it, pin up the pages, share it.

AMAN SINGH DAS, veteran communicator, long time journalist and CSR/sustainability practitioner

John Friedman is Huffington Post’s blogger on matters of sustainability and brand and an effective international business leader at the global giant Sodexo. With his new booklet PR 2.0 in hand, you will enjoy how well John writes: clear, bold, modern, William Hazlitt-like wit and insight. This monograph has a bunch of punch lines and a string of gems. PR 2.0 is one of the first books bridging the immense realm of brand with the still juvenile, but booming world of sustainability. There will be many more in the decades that follow, and it (along with Scott Bedbury’s A New Brand World) is one of the first real steps forward. I found it time well spent in our swift and hectic world.

BRUCE PIASECKI, President and Founder, AHC Group and author of New York Times' bestseller: 'Doing More With Less'


About the author

1. Introduction

2. The information revolution

3. Sustainability as a business strategy

4. The powerful combination of living your values and telling your authentic story

5. Social media are nothing new

6. Digital media: An effective tool

7. Developing a plan that works

8. Building an internal constituency including selling it upstairs



JOHN FRIEDMAN is a communications professional and recognized sustainability expert with more than 25 years’ experience in turning companies’ values into successful business models by integrating environmental, social, and economic aspirations into their business practices.

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