Making Sustainability Work [2nd edition]

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Making Sustainability Work [2nd edition]

Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts

The best practices in corporate sustainability performance are no longer the exclusive domain of companies like Ben & Jerry’s or The Body Shop, as they were a decade ago; now, large, multinational companies like G.E. and Wal-Mart are leading the way with significant financial and organizational commitments to social and environmental issues. However, good intentions aren’t enough. Whether motivated by concern for society and the environment, government regulation, stakeholder pressures, or economic profit, managers and strategists need to continue making significant changes to more effectively manage their social, economic, and environmental impacts – and to remain competitive. The guidance they need to do that is in this book.

Marc Epstein and Adriana Rejc Buhovac have produced the ultimate “how-to-do-it” guide for corporate leaders, strategists, academics, sustainability consultants, and anyone else with an interest in actually making sustainability work for organizations. With a growing number of corporate leaders asking for urgent help in “getting this done,” the timing of the updated edition of this landmark book could not be better.

Accompanying Teaching Notes are available on request with the purchase of this book.

Buy this book! ...Making Sustainability Work contains the most inclusive and comprehensive discussion of measuring, managing and quantifying all of the business risks, benefits and impacts to society and the environment I have seen... indispensable for moving sustainability to the next level in business. Are you ready for that?

Aaron Berg, Sustainable Industries magazine

Integrating corporate social responsibility into a corporate management construct is a major contribution of Epstein's lucid, well-written, timely work. Highly recommended.

S.A. Schulman, Choice magazine

Foreword from the First Edition
John Elkington, SustainAbility

Foreword from the First Edition
Herman B. “Dutch” Leonard, Harvard Business School


Introduction:Improving sustainability and financial performance in global corporations

1. A new framework for implementing corporate sustainability

2. Leadership, organizational culture, and strategy for corporate sustainability

3. Organizing for sustainability

4. Costing, capital investments, and the integration of sustainability risks

5. Performance measurement, evaluation, and reward systems

6. The foundations for measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts

7. Implementing a social, environmental, and economic impact measurement system

8. Improving corporate processes, products, and projects for corporate sustainability

9. External sustainability reporting and verification

10. The benefits of sustainability for corporations and society




MARC J. EPSTEIN is Distinguished Research Professor of Management at Rice University in Houston, Texas. ADRIANA REJC BUHOVAC is Associate Professor of Management at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

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