Greenleaf Evidence Based Acquisition

Purchase Greenleaf ebooks through Greenleaf Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA).

Greenleaf EBA allows you to develop your collection on sustainability and responsible business with affordable, flexible and friendly terms. Greenleaf EBA has been designed to be simple to deliver and administer, with ebook purchases based on usage, to a budget set by you.

How it works

  • You set the budget*
  • We provide full online access to our entire Greenleaf Publishing ebook collection of more than 300 titles for an agreed Evaluation Period**
  • We supply you with Counter 3 verified usage statistics at the end of the agreed Evaluation Period
  • You decide which titles you would like to purchase permanently, based on demand, up to your budget level
  • We provide you with free MARC records and flat PDFs (optional)

* Minimum amount applies

** Up to 12 months


Flexible pricing
Free usage statistics
Free MARC records
No DRM or download restrictions
No risk of duplicating existing library holdings
All ebooks searchable and downloadable at chapter level
Easy-to-use hosting platform
No additional hosting charges
Institution-wide access