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Greenleaf Publishing are delighted to announce that NISO have endorsed our KBART data for the Greenleaf Online Library (GOL) collection, the Sustainable organization Library (SOL) and DoShorts. You may download the files below.



DoShorts KBART file.

MARC Records

Please select the appropriate MARC records from the options below. Line 856 contains two URLS, one for direct linking to our ByDesign pages, the other for the main ingenta site. If you are looking at the possibility of using Shibboleth authentication, or already do, we recommend uploading the second line of data for this field. Please upload the appropriate URL into your LMS. OCN’s are also included for ease of reference in OCLC’s WorldCAT discovery service.

For further enquiries and to request Excel files for cataloguing purposes, please contact the Informa MARC Support team directly.

Greenleaf Online Library (GOL)

GOL 2016: the entire collection to 31st Dec 2016 


Greenleaf Portfolios/Digital Libraries

Greenleaf 2016 Portfolio: All Greenleaf Publications from 2016 

Greenleaf 2016 Portfolio: July-December 2016 titles only

Sustainable Organization Library (SOL)

SOL v5: the entire collection to 31st Dec 2016

SOL v4 customers who have upgraded to SOL v5 will need to download the above Greenleaf 2016 Portfolio file plus the partner content records below:

NEW SOCIETY: New Partner content for SOL v5


The entire collection of 50 titles


Please download the relevant archive file (above). You will receive a quarterly MARC update for content that is added during your subscription period.


MARC records will be supplied directly at the point of renewal.