The Journal of Corporate Citizenship

Editor: Dr David F. Murphy, Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), University of Cumbria, United Kingdom
A quarterly journal
ISSN 1470-5001 (print)    ISSN 2051-4700 (online)

The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (JCC) aims to publish the best ideas integrating the theory and practice of corporate citizenship in a format that is readable, accessible, engaging, interesting and useful for readers in business, consultancy, government, NGOs and academia. This peer-reviewed journal encourages practical, theoretically sound and (when relevant) empirically rigorous manuscripts that address real-world implications of corporate citizenship in global and local contexts.

Topics related to corporate citizenship can include (but are not limited to):

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  • corporate responsibility
  • stakeholder relationships
  • public policy
  • sustainability and environment
  • human and labour rights/issues,
  • governance, accountability and transparency
  • globalization
  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as multinational firms
  • ethics
  • measurement
  • specific issues related to corporate citizenship, such as diversity, poverty, education, information, trust, supply chain management, and problematic or constructive corporate/human behaviours and practices

In addition to articles linking the theory and practice of corporate citizenship, JCC also encourages innovative or creative submissions (for peer review). Innovative submissions can highlight issues of corporate citizenship from a critical perspective, enhance practical or conceptual understanding of corporate citizenship, or provide new insights or alternative perspectives on the realities of corporate citizenship in today’s world. Innovative submissions might include: critical perspectives and controversies, photography, essays, poetry, drama, reflections, and other innovations that help bring corporate citizenship to life for management practitioners and academics alike.

JCC produces occasional special issues dedicated to a single theme. Recent theme issues include: The Pretoria Leadership Conference, Large Systems Change - An Emerging Field of Transformation and Transitions, New Business Models for Sustainable Fashion, Japanese Approaches to CSR, and Story Telling: Beyond the Academic Article. Using Fiction, Art and Literary Techniques to Communicate. All special issues can be purchased individually as PDFs or in paperback. If you would like to guest-edit a special issue, please contact the publisher at

A key feature is the “Turning Points” section. Turning Points are commentaries, controversies, new ideas, essays and insights that aim to be provocative and engaging, raise the important issues of the day and provide observations on what is too new yet to be the subject of empirical and theoretical study.

The Journal of Corporate Citizenship is included in the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List and the Association of Business Schools (ABS) Academic Journal Guide.

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Turning Point: Business as a Vocation. 2014, 55, 9-12.

Mark Moody-Stuart

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Ethical Entrepreneurship in the Nonprofit Sector: A Case Study of the Capital Region Farmers Market. 2015, 59, 112-127.

Cathy Hope, Joanna Henryks

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Large Systems Change: An Emerging Field of Transformation and Transitions. 2015, 58, 5-30.

Steve Waddell, Sandra Waddock, Sarah Cornell, Domenico Dentoni, Milla McLachlan, & Greta Meszoely

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The Contribution of the UN Global Compact towards the Compliance of International Regimes: A Comparative Study of Businesses from the USA, Mozambique, United Arab Emirates and Germany. 2014, 53, 27-60.

Ulrike Hoessle

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