Innovation and social development

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Innovating for the Greater Good

An inspirational book that shows to the reader how to combine a desire to make a positive contribution to society and the environment and be a successful leader. It comprises stories from businesses and organizations from many different industry sectors.

Transformational Resilience

How Building Human Resilience to Climate Disruption Can Safeguard Society and Increase Wellbeing

Applying a trauma-informed mental health and psychosocial perspective, Transformational Resilience offers a groundbreaking approach to responding to climate disruption. T​he book describes how climate disruption​ traumatizes ​societies and how ​effective responses​ can ​catalyze​ positive learning, growth, and ​change.

Can the World be Wrong?

Where Global Public Opinion Says We're Headed

Presenting 30 never-before-seen global opinion polls, Can the World be Wrong? reveals what we really think of our leaders, businesses and policymakers, and what this might all say about where we're headed in the 21st century. Doug Miller provides a sharp analysis of the global financial crash, green consumer movement, poverty and globalization. 

Responsible Innovation

We need to transform our increasing creativity into real progress for mankind. We must create the proper climate and culture to develop strong entrepreneurial drive. But, more than ever, we must give this entrepreneurial drive its ethical and societal dimensions.

This book has the power to shift accepted norms in the ways of doing business. 

Base of the Pyramid 3.0

Sustainable Development through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In this ground-breaking new book, Stuart L. Hart and Fernando Casado Cañeque have worked with members of the BoP Global Network to shake the tree, look objectively at what has happened since 2002, highlight why earlier applications of BoP haven’t worked and propose new objectives and ways of working to formulate more sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Cities

Inspirational Case Studies

Edited by Simon Mills

Winners and nominees of the 2013/14 Sustainable City Awards present their case stories in a new collection, Sustainable Cities: Inspirational Case Studies. These short, easy-to-read stories will serve as an inspiration to others around the world in the quest to make our cities more sustainable.

Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship

The oikos collection Vol. 4

Edited by Michael Pirson

This new volume of social entrepreneurship case studies, highlights cases from around the globe authored by teachers from around the globe. The selected cases span many industries and geographic contexts; nevertheless, they are connected by a shared ambition: to highlight the power of entrepreneurship to solve social problems.

Rethinking the Enterprise

Competitiveness, Technology and Society

This provocative thought-piece from world leader in corporate responsibility Philippe de Woot suggests that an evolution of the system is possible, but it requires a more radical approach. It is only by changing its culture in depth that enterprise can restore the ethical and political dimension to its acts.

Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz

How Business Innovators are Helping to Build a More Sustainable World

A growing wave of "social intrapreneurs" are using the power of large companies to create solutions to address societal problems. Distilling insights from 40 social intrapreneurs this book brings to life how business can be more than just profit-maximizing.

Tackling Complexity

A Systemic Approach for Decision Makers

This book provides a novel systems-thinking approach to solving complex problems in socio-political and business environments. It is a must-read for any leader or strategist looking for real-world solutions to policy challenges.

Pathways to Systemic Change

Inspiring Stories and a New Set of Variables for Understanding Social Innovation

This book builds on a track record of 
research and education in corporate social
responsibility and social entrepreneurship at 
ESADE Business School’s Institute of Social 

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Business-NGO Partnerships

A special theme issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship (Issue 50)

This special issue shares some of the papers presented at the Partnership 2012: NGO+Business conference at Copenhagen Business School. During the event, a range of business leaders, NGO representatives, politicians, academics and students discussed how partnerships can help to alleviate urgent social and environmental challenges facing the world.