Greenleaf Publishing endorses the KBART initiative

4 Oct 2016
by Greenleaf
Greenleaf Publishing endorses the KBART initiative

Greenleaf Publishing is pleased to announce its endorsement of the KBART (Knowledge Bases And Related Tools) Recommended Practice, a joint NISO and UKSG initiative, as part of its commitment to supporting librarians and digital content management.

Commissioned by NISO and UKSG, the KBART initiative has developed standards and guidelines for the exchange of metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers. Library management systems will have accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date metadata about Greenleaf Publishing’s online collections.

John Peters, Managing Director, Greenleaf Publishing, said: “We are committed to serving our customers well, and to industry standards which benefit our customers. We are pleased to be endorsing the KBART initiative”.

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