Gender Equality and Resposnible Business

How can we expand gender equality from the board room to supply chains? How do we prevent mainstream corporate responsibility from marginalizing other voices? Can gender equality change how we think about Corporate Social Responsibility as a whole?

This webinar will examine how exploring gender issues as an aspect of ‘responsible business’ challenges us to bring the wider impacts of gender out of the workplace and in to the marketplace. Not only do we need to look at gender equality in organizations, we also need to examine the impact when looking at our suppliers, supply chains and the communities and ecological environment where business operates. We also need to work further to prioritise and amplify voices previously marginalised by mainstream CSR.

Lauren McCarthy (Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Governance, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School) and Kate Grosser (Senior Lecturer in International Business, RMIT University, Melbourne), editors of new book Gender Equality and Responsible Business: Expanding CSR Horizons, an expert panel will discuss current practices, bring new perspectives and help us define the field of responsible business with regards to gender equality.

  • Erinch Sahan Private Sector Policy Adviser, Oxfam
  • Felicity Butler 
  • Harsha Sarvaiya

This webinar will challenge you to rethink how gender equality impacts your business and help to facilitate dialogue on these issues between researchers and practitioners.

This event will be essential for staff and directors in management, HR, organisation development and anyone who wishes to expand their CSR horizons.

A recording of the full webinar is available below.