From Walmart to Al Qaeda

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From Walmart to Al Qaeda

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Globalization

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    Axiom Business Book Awards, International Business/Globalization: Bronze 2016 Winner

From Walmart to Al Qaeda explains the fuzzy, complex and seemingly incomprehensible concept of globalization. What is globalization? What are the core topics, theories and competing ideologies? Are we walking towards homogenization or towards a global collision of cultures and identities? The potential risks and challenges for the global economy, corporations and political regimes are acknowledged by most but not fully understood. This book provides a refreshing new look at how society is being shaped by globalization and how these apparent destructive patterns can be both explained and potentially remedied.

Globalization is both a concept and a cliché. It is a term that is used to explain an economic system or the state of the world. David Murillo sets out the questions and identifies the interrelationships of different disciplines to both understand the issues and also find solutions.

The book discusses globalization and current attempts to conceptualize and measure it. There are theoretical and ideological debates on whether globalization is inevitable and the various alternatives for interpreting how the world works.

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In good measure, globalization has implied a transition towards a new multipolar reality. The economic crisis has only accelerated the transfer of power from the West to the East such that the unipolar stage, defined by US hegemony after the fall of the Berlin Wall, has become no more than a fading memory. This book’s multidisciplinary analysis of globalization is fundamental to better understand the multipolar world in which we now live. Reading it is also essential to appropriately manage this world which, without doubt, is here to stay.

Javier Solana, EU's High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union, 1999–2009


1. Introduction to globalization

2. Social change, technology and collective identities

3. Economic globalization

4. Financial globalization

5. Contemporary corporate culture

6. State sovereignty and world governance

7. Values and challenges of global governance: Europeanizing the world



About the author

DAVID MURILLO is a senior academic based at the Department of Social Sciences, Esade Business School. He has been visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), ESAN (Peru) and Sogang University (South Korea).

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