Environmental management

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Adapting to Climate Change

2.0 Enterprise Risk Management

Most companies do not yet recognize what it means to adapt to future climate change, and do not yet see it as a business priority. This book tackles two key questions facing decision makers: 1) Is adaptation worth it to me? and 2) If it is worth it, can I really tackle it?

An Introduction to Corporate Environmental Management

Striving for Sustainability

A comprehensive and definitive introduction and teaching text on corporate environmental management. It aims to become a key resource for courses examining how business can take the environment into account while also providing an accessible and thorough overview of this subject for practitioners.

Beyond the Energy–Water–Food Nexus

New Strategies for 21st-Century Growth

This concise guide goes beyond just identifying the problems and helps organizations abandon "business as usual" thinking to begin solving the issues found at the food, water and energy nexus.

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Business Strategy for Water Challenges

From Risk to Opportunity

Water is a resource under increased stress, with its management now cited as one of the greatest risks to business continuity and growth. This concise guide for professionals offers strategic steps for developing a corporate water stewardship strategy.

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Chemical Risk Management

A special themed issue of Greener Management International (Issue 41)

Edited by Stefan Erler and Joanne Lloyd

Although the new EU chemicals regulation has received considerable attention in the press, many companies around the world are still unaware how it will affect them. This issue examines the tools and methodologies necessary for effective and efficient chemical risk management .

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Corporate Responses to Climate Change

A special themed issue of Greener Management International (Issue 39)

The Rio+10 Conference in Johannesburg 2002 has brought ratification of the Kyoto Protocol one step closer and the focus for action is turning to the private sector .

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Environment: Why Read the Classics

Edited by Sofia Vaz

Six important essays by some of the world's leading environmental thinkers on six of the most emblematic books ever written on the environment.

Environmental Professionalism and Sustainability: Too Important to Get Wrong

A special themed issue of Greener Management International (Issue 49)

The papers in this special issue range from thought pieces to case studies, from integrationist solutions to separatist arguments. Yet all are joined in their determination to shed light on the future of environmental practice.

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A Business Fable on Clean Energy

An insightful introduction to the energy discussion, highlighting the most important debate of our generation: renewable energy versus fossil fuels. Greenergized approaches these significant and complex issues through a "Green Thinking Fable", engaging the general reader in an accessible way.

Growing Pains

Environmental Management in Developing Countries

An examination of environmental management in the south from a number of perspectives. It is designed to stimulate the discussion about the role that corporations and national and international organizations play in sustainable development.

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Industry Genius

Inventions and People Protecting the Climate and Fragile Ozone Layer

By presenting the inventive genius behind technological breakthroughs by ten global companies including Alcoa, Honda and Visteon, readers should gain understanding and insight into how technology is helping to protect the climate and/or the ozone layer, while contributing to the company's bottom line.

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ISO 14001

Case Studies and Practical Experiences

Edited by Ruth Hillary

In a series of explicit yet concise case studies, ISO 14001 is unravelled to reveal the practical reality of the international standard. Contributors include practitioners, certifiers, consultants, government figures, academics and business people.

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