Educating for Responsible Management

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Educating for Responsible Management

Putting Theory into Practice

It is well known the global community is looking towards business to play its role in creating a just and fair economy. This increases the urgency and relevance of new approaches to management education that can engage and foster socially responsible leaders who are resilient, creative and innovative thinkers. 

Educating for Responsible Management profiles cutting-edge approaches to pedagogy for the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) that go beyond current discussions of sustainability and corporate social responsibility content, to include a wider lens that highlights the processes of educating the next generation of responsible managers.

The book draws together leading thinkers, practitioners and management education to share their practice and research on how management educators can prepare themselves, their students, the learning environment, and their teaching resources to meet these challenges. These conversations across practice lines highlight a range of innovative pedagogical approaches and methods used by responsible management educators around the world to provide effective learning experiences. 

Educating for Responsible Management delves into the mission of PRME itself, not simply explaining why RME is necessary or its content, but instead how to transform management education, research and thought leadership globally by providing the Principles for Responsible Management Education framework, developing learning communities and promoting awareness about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. In an effort to transform management education, the understanding of transformative approaches is imperative. Demonstrated through original and collaborative content from a vast array of practitioners and thought leaders around the world, this book provides innovative approaches to RME that are easily relatable. It is a must read for all individuals who are interested in shaping the business of tomorrow.

Jonas Haertle, Head, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact

Wayne Visser

The Six Principles of PRME

1. Introduction
Jennifer Leigh and Roz Sunley

2. Development of responsible management education and the Principles for Responsible Management Education in context
Ross Hayes, Carole Parkes and Alan Murray

3. Establishing a foundational responsible learning mind-set for business in the 21st century
Roz Sunley and Michael Coleman

4. Choosing food yet consuming plastic: Learning to notice the difference in management education
Maria Humphries, Anna Casey-Cox and Kahu Dey

5. Experiential learning through shared responsibility and risk
Alan Wagenberg and Roberto Gutiérrez

6. Walking the talk: Empowering undergraduate business students to act on their values
Melissa Manwaring, Danna Greenberg and James Hunt

7. Thinking Conversational Intelligence® for sustainable business relationships in an age of digital media
Judith E. Glaser and Roz Sunley

8. Integrating PRME principles in practice through Pragmatic Inquiry®: A sustainable management case study
Scott Kelley and Ron Nahser

9. A holistic learning approach for responsible management education
Isabel Rimanoczy

10. The Daniels Compass: Global business education for management professionals
Don Mayer and Bruce Hutton

11. Consciousness development for responsible management education
Dennis P. Heaton and Emanuel Schachinger with practitioner commentary by Chris Laszlo

12. Developing responsible managers through service-learning at Goa Institute of Management, India
Ranjini Swamy and Sheila Keegan

13. The Global Integrative Module: A competence-based online learning experience to help future managers understand complex, global, social challenges
Anna Iñesta, Maika Valencia, Xari Rovira, Josep Francesc Mària, Josep Maria Sayeras, Ricard Serlavós, Jose Luis Marin, Carlos Obeso, Jaclyn Wilson, Leonardo Caporarello, Jang Choi, Matt Statler and Gianmarco Gessi

14. Management education and social class: Can managers do more to encourage social equality and meritocracy in the workplace?
Kristi Lewis Tyran and Joseph E. Garcia with practitioner commentary by Debbie Ahi

15. Drivers, barriers and enablers of institutionalizing responsible management education
Charlotte Warin and Eshani Beddewala with practitioner commentary by Christopher Cowton

16. Teaching methods and the Kolb learning cycle: Pedagogical approaches in the Principles for Responsible Management Education domain
Jeanie M. Forray, Jennifer S.A. Leigh and Janelle E. Goodnight with practitioner commentary by Dean Cycon

17. Conclusion: Managing our students’ learning through our professional practice
Jennifer Leigh

About the contributors

Dr ROZ SUNLEY is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester, UK and Dr JENNIFER LEIGH is Professor at the Nazareth College of Rochester, NY, USA.

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