Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Volume 2

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Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Volume 2

Locally Led Initiatives in Developing Economies

This volume provides a platform for localized perspectives on CSR in developing countries across the globe. The chapters bring local context and business to the forefront and highlight the efforts spearheaded by indigenous actors from within the developing world. They present insights from developing countries through successful and less successful examples of locally-led CSR efforts. Together, these perspectives capture the complex paradoxes of CSR in developing countries and highlight common features in national institutions across the developing world, such as weak political and regulatory institutions, that shape local CSR initiatives and often limit its developmental impact.

The editors argue the need to embrace partnership models that leverage the strengths of different actors to promote effective development and tackle the complex challenges facing the developing world. This important series will be the reference source for academics, practitioners, policy-makers and NGOs involved in development-oriented CSR.

Introduction. Corporate social responsibility in developing countries: a development-oriented approach 
Dima Jamali, Charlotte Karam and Michael Blowfield

1. Rediscovering divergence in developing countries’ CSR
Natalya Turkina, Benjamin Neville and Sara Bice

2. Pharma SMEs and development-oriented CR 
Frederick Ahen

3. CSR in Afghanistan 
Sameer Azizi

4. Strategic approaches to corporate social responsibility: A comparative study of India and the Arab world
Tanusree Jain
Dima Jamali

5. Avenues of rethinking CSR in development 
Søren Jeppesen
Sameer Azizi

6. Policy discourse and mandatory CSR in India 
Rahul Mitra
Nathaniel Warshay

7. CSR in emerging economies and fragile states: Why it is different from CSR in developed countries 
Charlotte Bisley
Bruce Coyne

8. Integrating and implementing CSR: A case of CONCOR (Container Corporation of India) in India
Amit Thakur
Sapna Narula
Ambika Zutshi

9. CSR and NGO engagement in Indian public sector mining companies
Subhasis Ray

10. When microfinance meets CSR
Diego Marconatto
Luciano Barin Cruz
Eugenio Avila Pedrozo

11. Migrant workers and China’s development: A critical social responsibility perspective
Dieu Hack-Polay
Haiyan Qiu

12. A spiritual corporate awakening: Transcending beyond traditional corporate philanthropy with design thinking 
Ledia Andrawes
Adela McMurray

13. Accounting education and CSR in developing countries: The case of India
Chandres Tejura
Gherardo Girardi

DIMA JAMALI is Professor and Kamal Shair Endowed Chair in Leadership at American University of Beirut, where CHARLOTTE KARAM is Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior & Psychology. MICHAEL BLOWFIELD is Professor of Corporate Responsibility at University of Wolverhampton.

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