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These are the approximate times that it will take for your book(s) to reach you when you order from our site:

UK (excluding Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands): 2-3 working days
Western Europe (including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland): 4-6 working days
Rest of world: 8-12 working days

Please note these are approximate times and do not allow for weekends and public holidays.

Postage and packing is charged on a simple per-item basis:

UK: GBP3.00 / EUR4.00 / USD5.00 per item
European Union: GBP5.00 / EUR7.00 / USD8.00
Rest of world: GBP6.00 / EUR9.00 / USD10.00

Electronic/digital products (e.g. PDFs)

If you have purchased a digital product (e.g. an article in PDF format), you can retrieve it by visiting “My account” and finding the link in the “DOWNLOADS” section. The link will be available for 7 days after the day of purchase.

If you have any questions about your order, please email Jayney Bown at or phone +44 114 282 3475.

Notes for contributors

Before submitting your paper to BPSD, please read the journal overview/scope here.

All content is via ONLINE SUBMISSION . Select the 'author submission' link and ‘Business, Peace and Sustainable Development’ from the dropdown list.

Papers submitted for publication in ‘Peace Dialogues’ should include reference to this in the title.

This is the non peer-reviewed section of BPSD, designed for publishing short essays and thought pieces on the role of business in enhancing peace and sustainable development. In addition to the main section of BPSD, in which we publish academic papers and empirical articles, essays in the PD section focus on the practice of  business and peace (e.g. tools, examples or case studies) philosophical essay (e.g. new ideas and approaches), as well as on analyses of the role of businesses in contemporary conflicts and current affairs. Essays for PD do not need to be long (5-10 pages would be appropriate) and do not need to cite sources at the same level of full academic articles, although it would be useful to refer to some literature and data.

The form gives prompts for the required information and asks authors to submit the full text of the paper, including the title, author name and author affiliation, as a Word attachment. Abstract and keywords will be completed via the online submission  and are not necessary on the attachment.

As part of the online submission authors will be asked to tick a box to state they have read and adhere to the Greenleaf-GSE Copyright Guidelines and have permission to publish the paper, including all figures, images, etc which have been taken from other sources. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure this is correct.

In order to be able to distribute papers published in Greenleaf journals, we need signed transfer of copyright from the authors.  We are committed to a liberal and fair approach to copyright and accessibility, and do not restrict authors’ rights to reuse their own work for personal use or in an institutional repository. Please sign the copyright transfer agreement (available here, 68k Word doc) and submit with your paper.

A brief autobiographical note should be supplied at the end of the paper including:

Please supply (via online submission) an abstract outlining the title, purpose, methodology and main findings. It’s worth considering that, as your paper will be located and read online, the quality of your abstract will determine whether readers go on to access your full paper. We recommend you place particular focus on the impact of your research on further research, practice or society. What does your paper contribute?

In addition, please provide up to six descriptive keywords.

Formatting your paper

Headings should be short and in bold text, with a clear and consistent hierarchy.

Please identify Notes or Endnotes with consecutive numbers, enclosed in square brackets and listed at the end of the article.

Figures and other images should be submitted as .jpeg (.jpg) or .tif files and be of a high quality. Please number consecutively with Arabic numerals and mark clearly within the body of the text where they should be placed.

If images are not the original work of the author, it is the author's responsibility to obtain written consent from the copyright holder to them being used. Authors will be asked to confirm this is the case by ticking the box on the online submission to say they have read and understood the Greenleaf-GSE copyright policy. Images which are neither the authors’ own work, nor are accompanied by such permission will not be published.

Tables should be included as part of the manuscript, with relevant captions.

Supplementary data can be appended to the article, using the form and should follow the same formatting rules as the main text.

References to other publications should be complete and in Harvard style, e.g. (Jones, 2011) for one author, (Jones and Smith, 2011) for two authors and (Jones et al., 2011) for more than two authors. A full reference list should appear at the end of the paper.